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In this section of our website you can get recommendations and instructions for installing and configuring our VPN on your device.

Frequently asked questions

    • VPN is the common name of a technology that allows you to provide a secure network connection over another connection. In other words, your IP is hidden when you connect to the VPN, and all data that you transmit or receive from the Internet is protected by encrypting this connection.
    • The vast majority of users use the VPN in order to remain anonymous when entering their personal data, credit cardor login and password data on important sites. Due to the fact that all traffic that passes through the VPN is encrypted, even if the traffic is intercepted by intruders, it won’t be decrypted. Because decrypting traffic demands a long period of time no one bothers to do that.
      As with the anonymizer, many people need to buy a VPN to circumvent various geo-restrictions, restrictions on providers or the country to visit their favorite resources, including social networks.
      Since we support the most popular OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP protocols, you can configure the L2TP connection once on any device and use it until the period of paid subscription expires. At the same time, when using anonymizer, you have to connect every time you start your session.
    • In order to start using VPN you need:
      • Register with us on the site.
      • Buy VPN.
      • Then you need to decide whether to connect the VPN, downloading the configs, or using the application.
      • Follow the instructions, depending on the decision taken.
    • Do you have a test, and can I return money if I do not like your VPN? We do not have a test period, since we provide a quality product. The refund is provided, however, only within 7 days after activation of the subscription. Also there is one free server in the application, one server is enough to make up your mind about us.
    • In fact, there are no limitations or restrictions, as logging on our servers is disabled. However, in the rules of using our service there are a number of prohibitions that are written to protect you as a customer, and us as a service provider.
    • If you want to always remain anonymous on the network, not to be afraid that your traffic can be intercepted and your authorization data on sites to be decrypted, if you want to make purchases on the Internet safely, and to circumvent various geo-restrictions on sites - then you need to buy a VPN.
    • Нами было принято решение сделать этот тариф бесплатным функционалом к обычному VPN. Тоесть, если купить VPN - у Вас будет возможность использовать Double VPN как дополнительную функцию. При этом, цена на VPN не поменялась.
    • If you decide to buy a VPN from Netmap, then you have the opportunity to use 4 connection protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP.
    • The settings of our system provide for the use of one device per protocol. Thus, you can connect one device to the OpenVPN protocol to one subscription, one - IKEv2, one - PPTP, and also one - L2TP. This is more than enough for comfortable use of VPN on all your devices.
    • We do not regulate the torrent download in any way, and it works same way for all servers.
    • Yes, we developed and tested an application for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Our VPN works on the operating systems of Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, and our VPN can be configured on routers. For the most widely used operating systems, there are instructions for setting up.
    • Logging on all VPN servers is disabled. All that we keep is your E-mail, which you enter when registering.
    • L2TP / IPSec and OpenVPN are considered the most reliable encryption protocols. Both protocols are provided with 256-bit long encryption. However, OpenVPN doesn’t suit every device. Therefore, different protocols are suitable for different devices.
    • We have several protocols for mobile devices: PPTP and L2TP. Because the PPTP protocol does not support encryption, it is better to use the L2TP protocol. However, if the data transfer speed is important to you, the PPTP protocol certainly works faster then.
      Also, if you do not want or do not have the opportunity to configure VPN manually, we suggest you use our application. The application is implemented on the IKEv2 protocol, and data encryption is also supported. Therefore, your data will always be safe.
    • Of course, the most convenient is the OpenVPN protocol. Download the OpenVPN client and configs, install the client, copy the configs and everything is ready. However, if you do not want to install third-party software on your PC, then L2TP is the best choice. We recommend to use our application for maximum ease of usage, security and speedy VPN.
    • The most likely cause of the “AUTH FAILED” error when connecting OpenVPN is not a broken VPN session. Or you have exceeded the limit on the number of devices you can use per subscription.
    • Please check whether the VPN connection is configured correctly. Make sure that you entered the correct login, as well as the public key.
      It is worth noting that for more convenient VPN configuration, we recommend using our application.
    • VPN technology can not distinguish a specific program or application. VPN provides an interface and a gateway for accessing the network from an IP VPN server.
      To change the IP for a particular program or application, you better buy a virtual server and run the program there, for which you need to change IP. Also, you can change the IP of your browser. To do this, you need to install our extension for Chrome or Firefox.
    • You can! We recommend you to use VPN even when connecting to a trusted Wi-Fi network. You can never be sure that the administrator of the Wi-Fi network doesn’t pursue the goal of earning on its subscribers.
    • This is your choice, maybe you are lucky and you will find a good free VPN service. We only have one request, if it's not difficult for you and you have enough time, please, read this article. After reading, it will be easier for you to make a decision: to buy a VPN or to use the services for free.
    • In order to use Double VPN, you must download the configs.

      Next, you need to configure the chain. You can do this by clicking the “DOUBLE VPN” button in your account.

      After setting up the chain, connect to the incoming server. It will send all requests to the outgoing server. You can check the receipt of the IP of the outgoing server using the “Check Your IP” service or any other.

      If you use our app, you need to go to the Double VPN tab, configure the chain and click the “CONNECT” button.

    • Yes, we have developed and tested an extension that works in the browsers Google Chrome, FireFox, and others. A free VPN is also available in these apps.

      VPN for Chrome and Firefox has flexible settings. You can choose the websites that will be opened via VPN, as well as the sites that will be opened without VPN.

    • Yes, free servers are available in our apps for MacOS, iOS, Android, Google Chrome, and FireFox. There are no restrictions on advertising and other things. A free VPN should be completely free and not differ in quality from a paid one - this is our principle. Servers with free VPNs are constantly changing.
    • In order to get a free VPN, you must be registered on our website. After registration, select the server marked free. For the entire list of servers to be available, you need to buy a VPN.
    • Yes, in the list of servers there is a server with outgoing TOR IP. This server is only available if you buy a VPN. It is not possible to use this server without purchasing a subscription.
    • You can buy VPN using the following payment systems:
      • BitCoin
      • WebMoney
      • PayPal
      • Yandex

      Also you can buy VPN using the electronic payment aggregator "Intercassa" or "PaymentWall" The following payment systems are available in the Intercass:
      • VISA
      • MasterCard
      • AMEX
      • Discover
      • MINT
      • AliPAY
      • Mercado
      • Boleto
      • UnionPay
      • PerfectMoney
      • QIWI
      • Exmo
      • NixMoney
      • Tether
    • We have an acummulative system of discounts. It means the more you spend to buy a VPN, the less you will have to pay in the future. Information about the system of discounts:
      • Spent 100 usd - 2% discount;
      • Spent 300 usd - 6% discount;
      • Spent 700 usd - 13% discount;
      • Spent 900 usd - 17% discount;
      • Spent 1100 usd - 21% discount;
      • Spent 1300 usd - 25% discount;

      We also activate promotional codes for various holidays, or just leave them on forums and social networks. So follow us in the VK group, on the Facbook page, Twitter, as well as topics in various forums.
    • Yes, after buying a VPN, you can renew your subscription at any time for the period you need.
    • Instantly. Immediately after payment, the funds will go to the account balance. No expectations and delays, everything is done for your convenience.
    • When paying through the Integrator of electronic payments the time of receipt of funds to the account depends on the time of processing the payment by the "Intercassa" or "PaymentWall". The Netmap team can not affect the speed of payment processing.
    • Of course we can! If you have any problems with setting up a VPN or you simply do not want to do this, please contact our technical support. Remote configuration of the VPN is performed through TeamViewer. Install it on your device and report access data to our technical support. The rest will be done by us.
    • To recover your password, please use the password recovery form. If you can not recover the password by yourself for some reason, contact technical support.
    • If you can not connect to the VPN, the most likely problem is incorrect installed software or incorrect antivirus settings. However, if everything is configured correctly on your part, and you still can not connect, please contact our technical support service for assistance.
    • We have developed an affiliate program specially for enterprising clients. We offer 30% of each payment of the clients attracted by you. You do not need to buy a subscription to participate in it, simply register on the site and invite people to your link, which is available in your account. Terms of the affiliate program:
      • Recommend our VPN service to your friends;
      • Share them with your affiliate link;
      • If the client registers with your link, then you get 30% from each payment;
      • Remuneration payments are made at your first request.