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Tunnelblick Setup Instruction MacOS X El Capitan

Last update: january 2020

Advanced functionality and quick setup are available in the application.

MacOS operating systems are considered to be the best modern operating systems. The VPN work from the Netmap company is adapted for these operating systems.

For work with our VPN we use the Tunnelblick program. You can download it on your device from the official website of the program.

Before you install and setup the Tunnelblick program, download the configuration files on your computer.

To do this, in your account, click the OVPN CONFIGS button and select the MAC OS operating system.

To install and setup the Tunnelblick program to work with our VPN, please follow the instructions below.

1. Download the Tunnelblick program on your device, go to the "Downloads" folder and start it

2. Select the Tunnelblick installation

3. A dialog box appears with the request to open the program downloaded from the Internet. Click "Open"

4. You need to confirm authorization data for installation. Enter your user name / password and click OK.

5. The program will ask for configuration files. Click "I have configuration files"

6. Window with instructions for connecting will appear

7. Go to the program section and start the installed Tunnelblick

8. Download the list of configuration files on your computer from your profile. After that, open the "Downloads" and transfer these files to Tunnelblick, ignoring (do not transfer) the .txt .scr files.

9. Confirm installation of the configuration files by clicking "Install"

10. Confirm the configuration for yourself only by clicking "Only me", or you can use the installed configuration files for all users by clicking "All users"

11. To transfer the configuration files, you need to confirm the credentials data. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields

12. The Tunnelblick setting can be considered complete. Connect to any server

13. Please, wait till the end of the connection

14. When you see the connection status "Connected", you did everything correct

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