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Configuring Netmap VPN under L2TP on netis WF2409E Router

Last update: january 2020

Advanced functionality and quick setup are available in the application.

After reading this manual, you can configure Netmap VPN under L2TP on the Netis WF2409E router (Firmware version: netis(WF2409E_RU)-V3.6.42541). Netmap VPN under L2TP will work on other TP-LINK routers as well, the main thing is that the router supports this protocol. The following is an incomplete list of models that also support Netmap VPN under L2TP.

Note! The L2TP protocol uses the reserved port for its work, so VPNs using this protocol are easy to block. Despite this, it is one of the most reliable and secure VPN protocols.

List of Netis router models that support Netmap VPN under L2TP protocol

  • Netis WF2780
  • Netis WF2409E
  • Netis N4
  • Netis MW5230
  • Netis WF2419E
  • Netis AC1200 N1
  • Netis W1
  • Netis WF2780
  • NETIS WF2419E
  • Netis N1
  • Wi-Fi Netis MW5230
  • Netis WF2409Е

If you are not comfortable reading the manual, we suggest you watch the video "Configuring Netmap VPN under L2TP on netis WF2409E router”. It shows the whole setup process.

Note! Before starting any router settings, we recommend save or write current internet settings on it. In case of an error, this will help you quickly. restore previous settings without contacting technical support.

Configuring Netmap VPN under L2TP on netis WF2409E Router

Obtaining configuration data for connection

To obtain configuration data, you must be registered on, and you also need to buy Netmap VPN

1. Go to the «Server Locations», page, and copy the Hostname of the server you need.

2. Go to the control panel of your router.

The model we are working with is located at Open this address in a browser, enter your login information and click "Login".

3. Click the Advanced button in the upper right corner immediately after authorization.

4. Select "Network", then "WAN" in the left menu.

5. Let's start setting up the connection

Note! Save the previous settings of the router, so that in case of unsuccessful settings, you can return to the previous settings.

- Check "Wired" in the "WAN Type" box
- Select "WAN Connection Type" - "L2TP"
- Fill in the "Username", "Password", "IP Address/Server Name" fields with the data you received earlier.

- Select "Dynamic Connection type"
- Check the "Connect Automatically" box

Click the "Save" button after entering all the settings.

If you configured everything correctly you will see a popup message "Saving is completed!". This will mean that the VPN is connected. Go to our website in the "Check IP Address" section to check if the VPN is connected.