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PPTP Setup Instruction for Linux Ubuntu

Last update: january 2020

Advanced functionality and quick setup are available in the application.

Linux operating systems are very popular among PC users. Therefore, we implemented the work of our VPN on these operating systems.

Some users may need to setup a pptp VPN connection on their computer. For our service this is not a problem since we support this technology. The setup is very simple and does not require the download of additional applications.

Before the start of connection setup, read the information about your connection. Go to the "Server Locations" page, and copy the Hostname of the server you need.

To setup the pptp VPN connection on your computer, please follow the instructions below.

1. Please, open the Unity panel on your OS. Enter the word "settings" in the search and open "System settings"

2. In the "System settings" window select "Network"

3. The "Network" window opens with different network settings. In this window click "+" at the bottom left

4. Dialog box for pptp connection setting opens. Select Interface VPN. Then click on "Create".

5. In the drop-down menu select "Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)", and click "Create"

6. Click the VPN tab. In the Connection name field enter any name of your connection, for example "cheap-vpn".

In the Gateway field, enter the IP address of the server you want to connect to, you can find out the IP list in your profile after purchasing a VPN tariff.

In the User name and Password fields, enter the login and password respectively, which you get after tariff purchasing. Click "Advanced ..."

7. In the window that opens, check the "Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)" and "Allow statefull encryption" options and select 128-bit encryption in the "Security" drop-down menu and click "OK"

8. The window for editing your connection will remain open, also click "OK"

9. The connection setup is complete. It remains only to enable VPN, to do that click the switch at the top right.

Using our "Checking your IP address" service you can check if your computer's IP has changed, and also find out the vulnerabilities of your host and recommendations for their elimination.