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List of countries with good internet

Before you buy a VPN, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of countries where the VPN provider has servers. In this article, we list the countries connecting to which, the VPN will work faster

November 20, 2017


    Today, Internet access is available in almost all countries. Moreover, it is practically the same for all, a difference only in the speed and quality of the service provided. This is primarily due to the fact that different countries have differently developed network infrastructure and advanced technologies in this industry. Internet connection speed depends on many factors, for example, your location, the availability of different types of networks, the number of devices connected to the network and the like. On the contrary, the criteria on which the quality of the services provided by the Internet provider depends a little - this is the network capacity, the development of network infrastructure, the experience of employees of the organization.

    Let's determine what Internet speeds can be considered a quality standard.

    Today, the average speed of the Internet is about 5.5 Mbps. This speed indicator means that it takes about an hour to download a movie to your computer in HD. Countries in which the average speed of the Internet is below this indicator are considered to be countries with a low Internet speed. The 5.5 Mbit / s indicator is not the standard or the largest average speed indicator, there are countries with better indicators, for example South Korea. This country is considered to have the largest maximum, namely 95 MB / s. This means that downloading a movie in HD quality will be reduced to just a few seconds.

    To achieve such indicators, countries are helped by the use of optical fiber, the correct configuration of equipment, as well as the trust of the authorities and their belief in Internet technology.

    Let's try to understand the reasons for the insufficient speed of Internet connection in individual countries. There are several reasons, but there is the most common reason is the regulation of Internet access by the authorities of the country, or, more simply, censorship. So in countries with high Internet connection speeds, people's activities on the Internet are almost unlimited. On the contrary, in countries with low rates of Internet connection speed, citizens are often restricted in freedom and there are some economic difficulties.

    - Quality of equipment and its updating. On the technical side of the speed of the Internet, the most important thing is the quality of the equipment on which the network is built. It is important that the equipment is new and serviced by the manufacturers, rather than the handicraft service centers. It is also very important to gradually update the equipment fleet, purchasing new equipment and replacing old equipment.

    - Quality of the transmission line. It is important that the wires were not only of quality materials, but the wire should be laid in compliance with all technologies. However, today it is not uncommon to neglect the quality of the wire and its laying in order to save money.

    - Bandwidth. The term bandwidth refers to the amount (volume) of data that can be transmitted over the network at a point in time. The larger the band, the more data can be transmitted accordingly, it is possible to distribute the load among a large number of subscribers. Increasing the bandwidth is expensive, so often in crowded networks, the Internet connection is very slow.

    - Professionalism of employees of the Internet provider. No matter how high-quality and expensive the equipment was if it were not properly tuned, the quality of the service provided would leave much to be desired.

    - The quality of your equipment. Today, there are a lot of different Internet connection settings on the computer. It is very important that your equipment is technically sound and properly configured. If the configuration is incorrect, there can be problems with both the connection speed and the access to the network in general.

    Using VPN servers in countries with the best Internet speed, will allow you to not lose speed when using VPN.

    And so, consider the countries in which the Internet connection speed is very

    1. South Korea
    As mentioned above, this country is an absolute record for the maximum speed of the Internet. The peak speed can be more than 95 MB / s. The proportion of the population that uses the Internet is almost 95%. Such indicators say that the government of the country has a high level of trust in this technology and it practically does not restrict its laws. Because of the high population density, the Internet is almost everywhere, including the metro. At what there is a choice - to use 3G or Wi-Fi.

    2. Sweden
    Sweden ranks second in terms of the average speed of the Internet. For this country, the average speed is 19.5 MB / s. At the same time, 94% of the country's population does not have problems with access to the Internet. It is important to note that the constitution of this country protects freedom of speech, and any interference with privacy is prohibited. Consequently, the government practically does not interfere in this technology and it is practically provided to the citizens of the country. The only thing that interferes with the government is the monitoring of traffic for the subject of child porn.

    3. Norway
    The average Internet speed in Norway is 18.8 MB / s. Norway - among the first countries in which English is not a state language, has joined ARPANET to control the communist regime in Russia. This important factor influenced the fact that the country has a very developed optical fiber and 4G infrastructure. Even on remote Norwegian islands the connection speed is more than 5,5 Mbit / s. As in the case of Norway, in the country the rights and personal lives of citizens are protected by the Constitution, therefore the government does not interfere in the work of the Internet.

    4. Japan
    The maximum speed of Internet connection in Japan can be 82.5 MB / s. This country, one of the few realizes the infinitely large potential of the Internet, and invests huge amounts of money in its infrastructure. This position of the government has allowed Japan to become a leader in the field of FTTH, fiber-optic communications. According to various sources, 99 percent of the enterprises and various segments of the country's population use the Internet. Regulation of this technology is placed on the shoulders of the technology itself, that is, a system of self-regulation, which is carried out by Internet companies. Freedom of speech and press work perfectly in the country.

    5. The Netherlands
    The average speed in the Netherlands is 17.0 MB / s. This country has a record, the Internet is available to 100% Dutch people. In the country, both fiber-optic networks and local ones are widely used. The speed of the Internet depends on local providers. Customers are offered a service such as a duplicate route connection. Ie if there are problems on one route, the client can switch to another one and work through it. The country is actively monitoring copyright infringements, the spread of child pornography, as well as other violations. However, there is also a ban on censorship.

    6. Hong Kong
    The maximum speed of the Internet in Hong Kong is 105Mb / s, that is, the download of the movie in HD quality will take a few minutes. As in South Korea, almost no one has access to the Internet, it is available everywhere and everywhere. However, because of the poor quality of cheap cables, even the smallest fault is poured into a huge tragedy.

    7. Latvia
    The average Internet speed in Latvia is about 16.7 MB / s. Latvians are not limited to censorship, and providers are very active in using fiber-optic communication lines. As in South Korea, there is no problem with access to the Internet, it works almost everywhere, either for free or for a penny. In addition, the Internet is actively used in education.

    8. Switzerland
    Swedes keeps on an equal footing with Latvians on the point of average speed of Internet connection, it also makes up 16.7 Mb / s. The government of the country allocates the big means for development and modernization of this technology in the country. Also, the Internet is almost unaffected by censorship.

    9. Finland
    The average Internet speed in Finland is 16.6 MB / s. Finns were one of the first countries to adopt the Internet in the early 80's. But you can have problems with access to the network in remote corners of the country, but the Internet is quite cheap. The country maintains freedom of speech and press, and there is no censorship.

    10. Denmark
    To date, the average Internet speed in Denmark is about 16.1 MB / s. Yes, it is not the biggest speed indicator, comparing with the leaders of the list, however this indicator is three times higher than the average speed in the world. The country has a monopoly on the ownership of the network. At the moment, TDC Group owns the entire copper network. However, the cost of the Internet is very low and, what is noteworthy, problems are rare.

    Well, we reviewed the list of countries with good Internet. Now let's determine what the use of VPN servers of these countries can give us.

    Let's say you purchased the best Internet connection from your provider, purchased the best equipment and set it up correctly, and you get an optical cable instead of a copper one. However, you still have problems with speed. Consider the solutions to the problem.

    1. Obstacles to censorship or external influence
    Personally, you or all traffic was interested in state bodies regulating freedom of speech. Filter the traffic can and the provider, but he never admits this to you. The speed is slower because the packet sent to you or to you is not delivered directly to the recipient, but through the filter that processes it. By connecting to the VPN, you can speed up the connection, because the filter will receive encrypted information, and the filter does not have a key for decryption. Also, since the VPN server is configured on dedicated capacities, traffic can bypass local providers.

    2. The high cost of fiber optics
    As we all understand, fiber optics are much more expensive than ordinary copper cables. Therefore, the networks still have copper cables in some not even copper, but from the alloy of several metals. Even if your country invests a lot of money in the development of Internet technologies, then the copper cable that comes to you on a router or computer can spoil the picture. Since VPN networks do not depend on the general route, it allows you to get a slightly better connection quality, while also providing a secure connection.

    Let's draw a conclusion. Not everyone today has money for a fast Internet, and some can not afford it simply because in their country this is not possible. However, in the digital age, there are so many ways to increase the speed of the Internet and VPN one of them. Of course, there will not be a big increase in VPN speed, and, first of all, the VPN is designed to bypass various locks and encryption of traffic, but even a small increase in speed is always good. Buy VPN from Netmap and secure a stable, secure and fast VPN connection.