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What is better than VPN or VPS?

Buying a VPN can sometimes not be as profitable as buying a VPS. Let's consider in what situations it is better to use VPN, and in which VPS

December 20, 2017


    People who seriously care about their security very often acquire power from different data centers for their work. Thus, leading all online activity is not from your computer. More often than not, conventional virtual dedicated servers or simply VPS are suitable for such needs. However, only VPS for a high anonymity rate is not enough. Let's figure out that it's better to use VPN or VPS to ensure anonymity.

    In addition to the fact that there are similar words in the terms of Virtual Privat Server and Virtual Privat Network, these two concepts do not really unite everything else. Yes, with the help of VPN and VPS you can go online and hide your IP. However, each of the services is useful in its own way.

    What is VPS and why it can be used?

    The abbreviation VPS stands for a virtual private server - this is the dedicated part of the server that the user can have as he wants. In a few simple words, there is one server with a lot of RAM, physical memory and CPU resources. It is divided into several virtual servers that are for rent.

    On a virtual server, you can put almost any operating system and work with it as a normal computer. Thus, in case of any virus or hacker attack, not your computer, but a virtual server will grow old. The server is also used to conceal its activities, in case of loss or removal of a personal computer.

    What is a VPN and why can I use it?

    The abbreviation VPN or virtual private network is a network of several servers through which the traffic of the user connected to them is transferred to the Internet. Using VPN protocols, you can create an anonymous and encrypted connection to the Internet, thereby protecting yourself from hacking.

    It is worth noting that the encryption of traffic that is transmitted through VPN is incapable of hacking almost anyone, except that it will take a huge amount of time for this or the encryption used will be too simple.

    Summarizing the above, you can determine the differences between VPS and VPN. As you could already understand, these are two completely different technologies that can be used for different purposes. The difference between these two technologies is that when using VPS, you are still passing traffic in an open form and only masquerading the IP of your real computer, but it will not be difficult to calculate it for someone who puts it as a goal. When using VPN all your traffic is encrypted and it is problematic to track you to your real IP address, and it is also impossible to decrypt the intercepted traffic.

    Let's draw a conclusion. What is better to use, VPN or VPS?

    The most correct solution will be to use both of these technologies. Such a bundle has several advantages. When you connect to the VPS through the VPN, credentials will be transmitted in an encrypted form and anyone who intercepts traffic from your PC to the VPS will not be able to retrieve them. Next with the VPS, you can also connect the VPN thus further protecting your traffic. A huge plus is that when a virus attack on VPS your PC does not suffer in any way, so you can open absolutely any applications downloaded from the Internet and files without fear for your personal computer. The only problem is likely to be in the VPS search where the VPN can be used without problems.

    It is worth noting that the VPN from Netmap was tested on VPS servers of many providers, on different operating systems and worked perfectly everywhere.

    You can buy a VPN from Netmap on this page. Become a client of our VPN-provider and always ensure your safety on the Internet!

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