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Paid VPN advantages

If you are in doubt, buy a VPN or use a free VPN - we recommend reading this article. Several weighty arguments in favor of a paid VPN

February 16, 2018


    For a long time the proverb is known - "Free cheese only in a mousetrap". Everybody knows it, but people still believe that it's better to have a free service than a paid paid VPN. The whole absurdity of a free VPN is that it only seems free. Yes, you do not pay for VPN directly, but those who provide this service, still earn you. As with everything free on the Internet, free VPN services become sites for advertising, a vulnerable place for the introduction of malicious code on your devices and so on. All this means that free VPN providers consider that they have the right to dispose of your device or your data for their own purposes. Do you agree that this is not correct? Let's look at the benefits of a paid VPN.

    1. Speed.

    Undoubtedly, those who provide a paid VPN will always have the advantage in speed. First of all, this is due to the fact that they pay for their VPN servers or they have their own, which also costs a pretty penny. While free services are constantly looking for cheap servers and grab for the first free or cheap server, even if its quality leaves much to be desired. Also, all free VPN services use throttling on their servers. This significantly slows down the speed, due to the fact that by throttling VPN providers narrow the bandwidth to save traffic.

    I would like to remind you that we do not use throttling on our servers and use high-quality servers, which provides a stable VPN. We suggest you buy a VPN to make sure.

    2. Lack of advertising.

    Most annoying when you go to the site you see a huge amount of advertising, which pops up here and there. It is very distracting from getting information in the search of which you visited the site. Also, a huge amount of advertising slows down the loading of the site. Free VPN providers often substitute advertising, or distribute it, thereby earning you.

    Since Netmap is a paid VPN provider, we suggest you buy a VPN without advertising, and forget about obsessive advertising forever.

    3. VPN without logs

    The spread of a free VPN does not inspire confidence, since it is not possible to guess what the owner of this VPN service is pursuing. Of course there are owners of free VPN-services, which for the idea of ​​a free VPN and do not pursue any bad intentions, however this is a rarity. On the contrary, it is more often possible to meet free VPN-services, which do not disdain the tracking of traffic. By tracking your traffic, an unscrupulous owner of a free VPN service can get your logins and passwords from some sites, credit card details and other important information. Agree, it is better to pay for the VPN and be sure that your data is safe,

    The company Netmap for anonymity on the Internet, we do not store logs connecting our customers. To buy a VPN, you must pay a small price, which is formed in such a way as to pay for the smooth operation of servers and the work of technical support,

    4. VPN without restrictions

    A huge number of people use a free VPN. Among these users are people who engage in illegal activities on the Internet. The use of VPN for illegal activities sooner or later leads to the fact that IP of this service falls into the black pages and can not be accessed by certain resources on the Internet. Because replacing the IP address is a paid service, it is not profitable for owners of free VPN services . Moreover, for getting IP into a block of sheets, the VPN server provider may refuse to provide its capacity and disable the server. Thus, a free VPN will stop working for a while, and usually it happens at the most inopportune moment.

    It is worth noting that in the company Netmap monitor the "cleanliness" of IP-addresses, in case of need we change IP-addresses without harm to the client. Agree, it is better to buy a VPN and be sure that VPN does not disconnect at the most inopportune moment and work on the Internet without restrictions.

    5. VPN without self-interest

    A huge part of fraud on the Internet became possible due to the fact that there were free VPN services. Being confident that you are using a VPN in a safe place, such as an airport, library, metro, you can not give importance to the fact that your free VPN is vulnerable. Thus, you can infect your device with a virus to attach it to a network botnet, a mining farm, and the like. Also on your device can be installed application for the distribution of advertising, traffic tracking and other things.

    As we have said more than once, Netmap does not pursue any selfish goals in using VPN by our customers. We offer to buy a VPN for fast, anonymous and secure Internet access.

    In conclusion, we can say that buying a VPN has a huge number of advantages, before using a free VPN. VPN service Netmap is one of the best and available VPN services on the market, providing a quality product for only 7 USD per week. We have a large selection of servers without restrictions, the VPN configuration is simple and possible on almost all devices.