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Netmap CORE application. Free VPN

Announcement of the Netmap CORE application. It will provide a free VPN for mobile device.

May 24, 2018


    Dear Clients!

    We have great news for you! We have implemented and tested applications for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. We are glad to inform you that soon you will be able to download the VPN application for these OS.

    Not without gifts. For mobile phone users, a free VPN will now be available, as many as three free VPN servers. Now, you can download the VPN for free to go to your favorite social network or messenger. It is worth noting that the free VPN does not differ from the paid one. Free VPN is implemented on the same servers that are available if you want to buy VPN, even work on the same IP.

    In order for the free VPN to become available, you need to do the following:
    1) Register on the site;
    2) Click "Get Application" button;
    3) Select Android or iOS application, depending on your device, download the application and install it;
    4) Open the application and log in with your credentials;
    5) Select a free VPN server and connect to it.

    For those who want to buy a VPN to use all available servers, nothing has changed. Just now connect to the servers and configure the VPN much easier. It is worth noting that now if you want to buy DoubleVPN or have already bought DoubleVPN and use it, you do not need to enter your personal account to set up the chain. This functionality has become much more convenient in the application. Select the incoming and outgoing servers and click the "Connect" button.

    We pay special attention that now to all users, regardless of what you have a subscription, or you use a free VPN, or not, you are available to Killswitch and auto connection.

    The Killswitch function, if it is activated, disconnects the Internet if you do not use the VPN, or it for some reason turned off. Thus, traffic will not go past the VPN.

    The auto connect feature, if it is activated, when you start the application, connects you to the last VPN server that you used.

    Also for Windows and iOS operating systems, the start-up function along with the operating system is available. We do not think that it's worth explaining what this function is.

    Free social networks and instant messengers should remain free. We will not force you to buy a VPN so you can use them.

    We hope you enjoy our application, we worked very long on it.