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How to secure yourself Internet using VPN.

Buy VPN, and hope that now you are absolutely safe - wrong. We recommend several ways to increase the security score when using VPN

May 28, 2018


    Today, one of the most important issues on the Internet is the issue of maintaining confidentiality. Quite closely this question is connected with the concept of freedom of information, that is the right of all without exception to access to information without restriction. It's no secret that all our activities on the Internet, if not controlled, can be controlled if you are of any interest to the state or security agencies. Control begins with your provider, very often providers collect information about your physical location, or information about the resources you visited. In general, this is considered not valuable information, but the fact remains. However, if you dig deeper, then just like the provider your activity in the network can be controlled by hackers, various censors or state structures. The purpose of this monitoring is to collect important information about you and use it for yourself, or block access to the information you are interested in.

    VPN networks, to date, are used in many cases. Quite a wide application they found in the networks of various organizations and enterprises. They are used to access the corporate network, when removing an employee from the office. Also, VPN is used by those who want to circumvent regional content restrictions. Undoubtedly, VPN is gradually supplanting other means of anonymity on the Internet, more and more people are using it for their own security. For example, you for some reason are forced to work using a public WiFi network. When you connect to this network, your data is under threat of being acquired by third parties. If desired, these people can use your data for their own benefit. Using VPN, you deprive them of this opportunity.

    How to use the VPN to maximize your level of security on the Internet?

    We do not stand still, that's why we constantly need to get new up-to-date information, and those who want to receive this information more and more. Consequently, there is a growing need to buy a VPN.

    Today, VPN networks use advanced security methods. A VPN tunnel can be built by anyone who has a desire, since the Internet is full of information about it. But to make the tunnel safe and cross-platform, the task is far from easy. To do this, you need to understand the methods of encryption and their configuration. Moreover, you need to properly configure the security of the VPN server. Connecting to a properly configured and encrypted VPN server will protect you from the harmful effects of hackers and censors.
    Using VPN gives you the advantages, namely: the maximum level of anonymity you as a VPN provider client, the preservation of anonymity and the integrity of messages during data transfer. To achieve this, it is possible to replace your identification data with the VPN server data, so it is not possible for you to monitor and connect to your computer or other device remotely.
    The level of security depends on the VPN protocol. There are simple protocols that can provide only anonymity, focusing on the connection speed. And there are more complicated protocols in which traffic can be encrypted, so even when a connection is compromised, the attacker is like encrypted data.

    The most popular VPN protocols today are OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2 and PPTP.

    OpenVPN is an open source puncture. With this protocol, you can connect to the encrypted using the OpenSSL library. Thus, this protocol is the most secure.

    L2TP is a protocol with a registered UDP port, and it is used together with the IPSec protocol. This allows him to be one of the most secure VPN protocols. However, it is also easy to block.

    PPTP is the most common and simple protocol. Common, because it is implemented in almost every OS, but simple, because it does not use encryption. However, its main advantage is speed.

    IKEv2 is a protocol specially developed for mobile phones. The protocol is encrypted with the IPSec protocol. Very flexible in the configuration protocol.

    One of the most blatant mistakes of Internet users is the thought that when using a VPN, it is possible to get the maximum level of anonymity.

    It is worth noting that the maximum level of anonymity on the Internet is possible only if you do not have information about him that can identify you as such.

    The confidentiality of customers is one of the basic principles of VPN providers. Before you buy a VPN, you need to understand which of the VPN providers will most securely protect your anonymity. It is worth noting that some VPN providers conduct user logs and, if necessary, provide them to third parties. Of course, if you do not engage in any illegal activity, it may not matter to you, then that you are being watched. However, we doubt that the very fact of shadowing gives someone pleasure. Moreover, the provider can hack, and then the user logs will be available to the attacker.

    In order to understand whether the VPN provider logs or not, it is best to triple the interrogation. Try to get as much information as possible about what, as the provider's support says, they do not.

    Since you can connect a VPN not only to a computer, the safety of mobile devices is also important. The mobile device is also vulnerable to attack by hackers. To date, VPN providers provide applications for mobile devices. An exception is not our provider. Our Netmap CORE application allows you to connect to VPN servers using the IKEV2 application. Also we have free servers for the mobile application. All servers provide an anonymous connection for all devices based on iOS and Android. Using the application you not only change the IP address on your device, but also allows you to establish an encrypted connection. Also we have a number of additional functions, such as KillSwitch, and auto connect to the last server.

    It should be noted that KillSwitch is a very important function. This function provides your security by disconnecting the Internet if for some reason you have to disconnect the Internet. You can rightly decide that the VPN cat is not able to disconnect. However, the VPN can be disconnected not only through the fault of the VPN provider. A VPN connection may be disconnected due to your antivirus. Let's simulate the situation, you download the .torrent file through the VPN. However, physically, you are in a country where downloading .torrent is prohibited. Because of the antivirus, the VPN is disconnected, and the .torrent download continues through your Internet. After a while, people come to you and hand a fine.

    It goes without saying that if the Internet did not work, this would not happen. Agree, it is cheaper to fix the problem, and sacrifice the time of loading than to pay an exorbitant fine.

    We draw your attention to the fact that all Netmap CORE applications include the KillSwitch function, including for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

    How to get an even higher level of Internet security with the help of virtual private networks?

    Most services are easy to use, but there are some features of virtual private networks that provide additional security, and which you need to know.

    The first concern of VPN clients is the question, what happens if the VPN does not work? This is not so rare, because there are many technical reasons for this. Advanced users can protect their devices in several ways, including: for example, by changing TCP / IP routes. But for those who are poorly versed in IT-technologies, this can cause as many problems as they planned to solve, or maybe even more, but, do not worry, a solution has also been found for you.

    An additional way to ensure security is a serious approach to choosing a connection protocol. Almost no one knows that the PPTP protocol is vulnerable, and plus all the data is not encrypted when using the protocol. You can rightly note, "Why do VPN providers generally offer to use this protocol?". The answer to this question is simple: this is the fastest VPN protocol. However, before using this protocol, think several times.

    When you have chosen a VPN provider, have familiarized yourself with all the additional features, decided which protocol to use - there comes a time when you need to buy a VPN. When paying for a VPN, it's also worth noting that if you pay for the VPN and your personal information, such as your name and surname, is listed, your anonymity will be in jeopardy. Therefore, we recommend using a payment method such as Bitcoin.
    After purchasing and configuring the VPN connection, you must select the server. Of course, if speed is important to you, select the server that is in your country or the neighboring one. However, if the reason for using VPN is anonymity, we strongly recommend that you connect to a server located in a country whose government does not cooperate with your country. Choosing such a server automatically protects you from the encroachment of your government to control your traffic.

    We have already written more than once that the use of free VPN services does not lead to anything good. Find free VPN services on the Internet today is easy. And all as one louder than each other, they say that they are an honest VPN provider. However, they also need to earn something. Well if it's harmless advertising. However, if all users of this service become a victim of a phishing attack - this is already dangerous. Administrators of free VPN providers can collect useful information about you and sell it. Therefore, we do not recommend you to use free VPN providers.

    Some users like to use TOR very much. But it's not enough, they advertise and convince everyone that TOR is safer and better than VPN. Arguments of these people: security, anonymity. On the one hand, they are right, the TOR network is built in such a way as to reliably hide the IP address of users. In the TOR network, your request passes through a huge number of servers and ciphers. However, it was recently announced that this network is vulnerable. In addition, because the traffic is masked by a large number of servers and is multilayered, the TOR bandwidth is quite low. Please, say, the Internet in the TOR network is slow.

    Ask yourself the question: is it worth using TOR to the detriment of speed, and also constantly to be afraid of hacking? In addition, if you are hacked, no one will be held responsible for this other than you. While using VPN, you can file a claim with the provider.

    We are a team of VPN provider Netmap, very tightly approached the issue of security on our servers. At the moment, on our 25 servers there are 4 protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, and also IKEv2. Encryption of traffic is provided by AES-256. We have been working since 2010. During this time we managed to become a recognized provider. The choice of our VPN is a guarantee of security, anonymity, as well as free access to your favorite resources. Our service works on almost all operating systems.

    Hurry up to buy a VPN to be always online, and we will be on guard for your security!