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There was a server with outgoing IP tor network

Buy VPN from Netmap has become even more profitable. There was a server with outgoing IP tor network. VPN + TOR is safer than a regular VPN

July 11, 2018


    Hello, dear customers!

    We have good news. Our VPN has become even safer, thanks to the ability to get outbound IP from the Tor network. In the list of configs or servers in the application, connect to the Tor server to get this IP.

    It should be noted that the server is available on both SingleVPN and DoubleVPN tariffs. This means that if you want to buy DoubleVPN, you can select a normal incoming server, and an outgoing server with Tor. This way you will get triple protection of your real IP and traffic.

    It is not unimportant that the speed of the Internet will not suffer at the same time. Tor server works quickly and stably, thanks to the high-quality tuning by our engineers and administrators. In this case, connecting to the Tor server, you can not use the Tor browser, but open .onion sites from a normal browser. A great excuse to buy a VPN.

    Stay tuned for more interesting updates!

    Sincerely, The Netmap Team.