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Top 8 Reasons to Purchase a VPN

Why buy a VPN? In this article we will give several reasons why you might need to buy a VPN.

September 26, 2017


    Recently, VPN everyone is on hearing. People want to secure their activities on the Internet and remain anonymous on various web-resources. However, there are still those who do not understand why they need a VPN and buy it without the need. Let's look at 8 reasons, considering that, you may need to buy a VPN.

    1. Bypassing the limitations of your ISP or country

    We are all used to visiting your favorite resources without any restrictions. However, recently in the CIS countries they block access to various foreign resources. Also, not infrequently you may encounter the fact that your provider specifically slows down the speed of your Internet connection, which can also cause inconvenience in watching a video, for example.

    The way out of these situations is simple - get a VPN. This will allow you without any difficulties to visit blocked sites, as well as watch videos or movies on YouTube, vKontakte and other platforms without any restrictions.

    2. Free to watch other countries' TV in streaming mode

    Almost everything is available on the Internet. In particular, you can easily watch the original BBC, Discovery or History Channel on your PC and almost always free of charge. However, sometimes there is a restriction - the viewer must be in the same country as the TV channel. With VPN, you can easily circumvent this limitation. By connecting, for example, to the server of England to watch the BBC, your IP will become legitimate for the firewall of the channel. Thus, viewing the program on the site will be free.

    3. Making purchases in foreign online stores

    Sometimes, buying any goods in your home country is very expensive, so more often people "go" to buy in foreign online stores. Yes, from abroad the purchased item is delivered longer than in the home country, however, the cost is worth it.

    However, a great delivery time may not be the only problem. Sometimes paying for goods in a foreign online store can be problematic. The fact is that the seller can not accept payment by your card because it is issued by another country and he doubts its authenticity. It happens that in foreign online stores you may require additional documents or photos of your passport together with a card, or some other confirmation.

    And all by the fact that your IP belongs to another country. Once you purchase a VPN and buy from the IP addresses of the countries in which the stores are located, paying for the goods will become much easier and faster.

    4. Unhindered access to geo-limited information

    Some sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, for example, restrict access to certain content from certain countries, most often it is not because of some moral, ethical or political considerations, but is trivial because of copyright law. Such companies do not like to violate copyrights, as this is a very serious crime and damages their reputation, so restricting access for residents of certain countries is the right decision on their part.

    Also not uncommon, when these same companies make paid content more expensive for visitors from different countries. Such behavior of companies is connected with the license agreement of this content, which they also do not have the right to violate.

    If you want to access the content blocked for your country, or do not want to pay more due to any marketing decisions of certain companies - purchase a VPN. This is the most simple, high-quality and not expensive solution.

    It is worth noting that the Tor browser is unlikely to help in such situations, since the IP access of this network will most likely be blocked or because of the low speed the content will not load at all.

    5. Safely connect to any public Wi-Fi network

    Public Wi-Fi is a risk zone for all devices connected to it. Unfair owners of public Wi-Fi points can track your traffic. Further, they can easily extract the necessary information from the received data, such as credit card data, logins and passwords for access to sites of interest to them or any other useful information. Or they can infect your device with a virus, for example, to connect it to your botnet network.

    And in this case also the ideal solution is to purchase a VPN. With a VPN, you can always connect securely to any Wi-Fi, because your traffic will be encrypted. If even someone gets access to your traffic, then it will not be possible to decipher it.

    6. Not to be found when researching competitors

    Almost every person has such a moment in life when it is necessary to investigate his competitor, for example, an online store, while remaining not noticed. When you visit a competitor's site, the Google Analytics script or its equivalent tracks the activity on it. The owner of the site can use this data to see who and where he is interested in his activities.

    Using VPN will deprive your competitor of the opportunity to understand that you are interested in his site.

    7. Protection of calls via Skype and IP-telephony

    One of the most important reasons to use a VPN is to be protected from listening to your conversations. VPN technology, as mentioned earlier, encrypts absolutely all traffic passing through its servers. The VOIP traffic that is used for IP telephony and Skype is not an exception. Therefore, if you do not want to be overheard, then connect VPN and be safe.

    8. Virtually limitless access to social networks

    The blocking of social networks has recently acquired a very wide scope. Previously, access to them blocked a guide for company employees, educational institutions for students, etc. Today, access to social networks blocks entire countries for their citizens in order to prevent access to a free flow of information. Naturally, for people who are accustomed to using their favorite resources, this behavior of the government is very unpleasant. Tor can not provide high-quality access to them, so the best way out of this situation is to use a VPN

    We reviewed the 8 most important reasons, considering that you need to understand for yourself whether you need to purchase a VPN or not. All the reasons are unlikely to fit one person, maybe for you there is only one reason, but it will be the most important in your activity.

    Buy VPN from Netmap and be always safe.