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A few useful ways to anonymously browse the web.

Buy VPN Netmap and set up your computer is fast and not expensive. But after that, you will be fully protected from all hazards on the network.

February 21, 2019


    Online security is an area in which new methods of ensuring this very security are constantly being introduced. The Internet is very tightly connected with today's life and everyone, without exception, wants to feel protected from hacker attacks and providers restrictions as much as possible. The very first step in ensuring proper security is the organization of the possibility of anonymous Internet surfing. The easiest way to ensure anonymity on the Internet is to buy VPN Netmap. Trusting us with your security - you can be sure that we will not let you down.

    However, using VPN is not the only way to ensure anonymity online. Some of the methods, such as anonymizer, are available for free on our website. It should be noted that using only VPN or other means of anonymity will not provide you with 100% anonymity. It is also very important to configure the computer, disable or enable different plug-ins and modules of the operating system.
    Reasons why anonymity is important on the Internet

    We all fear hackers, they steal information and use it for their own purposes. They are interested in everything from personal photos to credit card details. However, hackers are not the only ones who collect information about you. Also, personal information is interesting to the giants of the IT industry, such as Google, Yandex, as well as Instagram, Facebook and others. The bottom line is that hackers may not pay attention to you, but corporations watch you all the time, tracking, collecting statistics about visited Web pages entered on data sites, as well as information in various cloud storages.

    It is clear that companies that collect data may never use them for illegal purposes, but for personal purposes they use it. It is motivated by the fact that they improve their product this way. Agree that the very idea that you are being monitored and data about you is being collected is a little alarming, even if you do not do anything illegal on the network.

    Let's also not forget about your Internet providers and state censorship. Political disagreements between countries, the failure of the government of your country of a particular material, the policies of various sites - all this affects the limited access to different content.

    For these reasons, the issue of anonymity in the network, today - is very serious.

    Anonymous browsing the web: some better solutions to achieve a goal

    1. Using Proxy
    The most accessible and simple and affordable way to ensure anonymity on the Internet is to use a proxy. This is not an ideal solution, as it will not allow you to encrypt traffic, but it performs its task. When using a proxy, you send all your traffic through a remote server, thus the site you are visiting, sees the IP proxy server. Thus, it is very easy to bypass its limitations of various content. Anonymizers work on the same technology.

    2. TOR
    Of course, the TOR browser is the most accessible method, as well as a very anonymous one. TOR is an open source project, that is, it is distributed on the web absolutely free. It works almost like a proxy, but is much more anonymous. Your request will be sent and encrypted through several TOR servers. Thus, your final IP address is very difficult to calculate. At the same time, the TOR network is very well developed today, and there are a lot of .onion sites that an ordinary user needs, including online libraries and, for example, facebook. All this is nice, but some resources block access from TOR IP addresses, plus the connection itself can be slow.

    3. Using VPN
    Without exaggeration, the best and most reliable way to ensure anonymity on the network is to use VPN. If this method of ensuring anonymity on the Internet suits you best, then you need to buy VPN from a Netmap provider. It is important to understand that using a free VPN cannot provide a high level of anonymity. About the shortcomings of free VPN is written in one of our articles.

    It should be noted that the highest level of anonymity is achieved only when you use a VPN on all of your devices, including mobile phones and tablets. In order for you not to forget to include VPN on mobile devices, Killswich is provided in the NetmapVPN application. When activated, the Internet will not work for you without connecting to a VPN.

    The best solution for the home, will buy a router with VPN support. By setting up a VPN on it, you will provide anonymous access to the network of all devices connected to it, including such devices as a refrigerator or a kettle. You will be surprised, but this technique also sends the collected data to the manufacturer.

    4. Restrictions for social networks and applications
    Just want to say that this does not mean that we must abandon all social networks and applications. In this case we are talking about the access of various programs to the modules of your device. For example, the GoogleMaps application, during installation, requests access to your microphone and so on. Very often, requests for programs to access a particular module are not necessary. When installing software, pay attention to this.

    5. Disable geo-location
    For some applications to work, it is necessary to enable geo-location tracking on your phone, tablet, and other devices. And of course, since your programs, browsers, camera are connected to the geo-location, they collect data and send it to the developers. In this way, applications can show you advertising for a product that is closest to you. It can also be useful to those who are interested in where you are. Turning off geo-location together using VPN will not give anyone a chance to understand where you are.

    6. Configure the browser
    All browsers collect information about their users. This is especially swinging browser GoogleChrome. In order to ensure anonymity online, you must properly configure your browser. The most minimal set is to disable WebRTC, disable history, disable saving passwords, and regularly clean cookies. Of course, this is not enough, about how to properly configure the browser, we will tell in another article.

    Of course, you might think that nobody needs your data and let them track my position. Perhaps even so, your data is of no interest. However, when you come across the fact that you don’t understand where your personal photos are on the network or why there’s no money on the balance of the card, and you didn’t spend it, it’s too late.

    Buy VPN Netmap and set up your computer is fast and not expensive. But after that, you will be fully protected from all hazards on the network.