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Update server fleet. New locations. Encryption

We have updated the server park, added new locations and improved encryption

March 21, 2019


    Dear Clients! We are glad to share with you the good news. Buy VPN from Netmap has become even more profitable.

    The number of clients is growing, the traffic is increasing, so we started updating the server fleet. We managed to completely abandon the VPS servers. At the moment, all locations are dedicated servers with high-performance processors and an Internet channel. Equipment is included in the world of uplinks, such as: Cogent, RETN, Hurricane Electrik.

    We decided not to stop on updating the server fleet, and to please our customers with new locations. Now in the list of tips such locations are available:

    Serbia (Belgrade);

    Norway (Oslo);

    United States (Miami);

    I would like to note that all the servers that we use in our service are encrypted and as secure as possible. Trusting us with your security, you can be sure that we will not let you down.

    Updating the server fleet allowed us to strengthen the encryption of the OpenVPN protocol. Now it is encrypted with AES key length algorithm of 256 bits (AES 256). We recommend that you download the tips again in order for the encryption to be updated. This once again underlines how seriously we take the encryption and security of our clients.

    All this would not be possible without your feedback and wishes, it is they who direct us, and dictate the vector of development of the VPN service. Of course, we will not dwell on this, in front there is still a lot of work on implementing DNS, fixing errors in applications, releasing an application on iOS, upgrading anonymizer, Check-host and many other things. Thank you for choosing us and remain our customers!

    Sincerely, the team of VPN provider Netmap. We work for you!