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Netmap - VPN for China

We have become even closer to you. Now VPN Netmap is available in China.

April 11, 2019


    Today - more and more people prefer to work not in the office, but travel, working as freelancers. Also, more and more entrepreneurs do not limit their activities to the borders of a particular country. Therefore, there is often a question of unlimited access to your favorite resources. Business and travel to China is becoming more and more popular, and since access to popular resources is closed there, you need to buy a quality VPN that works in China.

    It is very serious, refers to the Internet in China. You may not be able to quickly resolve the issue of on-site Internet access for several reasons.

    First, your mail, for example gmail will be unavailable in China. You may not be able to confirm your account when registering with the VPN service or confirm the payment. It is worth noting here that it is very easy to buy VPN Netmap in China, since you do not need to confirm your account and payment via mail.

    Secondly, even if you buy a VPN is not a fact that it will work. Some providers of this service may claim that their VPN works fine in China, although in fact it is not. Based on user feedback, we claim that VPN Netmap works in China.

    You can check that your mail may not work. However, it’s almost impossible that an instant messenger that is important for your work, or a social network, to communicate with friends may not work for you - it’s almost impossible.

    China is trying to become an Internet independent state, so a lot of networks are blocked. If you are using a remote desktop or server for work, this can be a problem. This problem especially concerns European servers. Even if the IP is not blocked, working with it will be very problematic. VPN also helps to solve this problem.

    Recommending you our VPN for work in China - we do not offer you a cat in a bag. The work of our VPN in China is confirmed by reviews. The last review was made on the site vpnMentor. Deciding that you can use the services of free VPN, you also make a mistake. Such services are monitored by the Chinese around the clock.

    We hope this article will help you buy the best VPN for use in China. Secure your VPN in advance before you go to China, and bypassing the China firewall will no longer be a problem for you.