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How to bypass Vkontakte blocking correctly?

How is it possible to bypass Vkontakte blocking in Ukraine? Bypass blocking VK in Ukraine

июль 28, 2020

If you love the social network Vkontakte and its blocking in Ukraine inconveniences you, you are used to the messenger there, you do not want to lose your contacts, photos and other media content, or maybe you are an SMM manager or a marketer and you have a whole business, then we hasten to assure you: not everything is so bad and it is quite possible to unblock VK while still in the country. And in this article we will tell you exactly how.

How to unblock VK in Ukraine correctly?

In fact, there are several options for bypassing the blocking. If you use web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox, you know that there are dozens of dedicated add-ons for those browsers. These utilities make life much easier for the user - either annoying ads on websites will be blocked, added functionality on web pages, or even bypassed access restrictions to the sites you need.

How to choose the right extension for Chrome?

To view a list of available extensions for bypassing site blocking in the current version of Chrome, do the following:

  • Launch your browser and click on the button in the form of three dots in the upper right part, next to your Google account avatar;
  • Now you need a button in the form of three stripes in the upper left, to the left of the Extensions label;
  • At the very bottom of the sidebar that opens, click on "Open the Chrome Web Store";
  • Find the required extension in the proposed list (it is usually found in the list of popular ones), or enter “Unblock” in the search bar of the store;
  • Select the utility that matches the description and install. To do this, you just need to click on the "install" button.

Done - you can go to the site! As a rule, this method works, but the algorithm for connecting the extension may differ slightly depending on the current version of your browser. Therefore, it is quite possible that this instruction will not work for you and you will need to dig a little in the settings yourself.

VPN for other browsers: how to find and choose?

The easiest way, in this case, is with the Opera browser. You need to install the appropriate application, which can be downloaded without any problems both in the Play Market and in the App Store, as well as in the Microsoft Store. However, in this case, it makes sense to be patient, since such VPN services can slow down both the Internet speed and the operation of your device as a whole. And, of course, all these paths are suitable only in those cases when you enter the same VK for personal goals, and not for work.

The listed simple solutions are suitable, first of all, for those who rarely need information from blocked sites, do not believe in the prospects of full-scale censorship in their state, and are also confident in the protection of their personal data. The rest, perhaps, should seriously consider more complex solutions.

One of them could be installing a router, such as the Tor browser. This browser is similar in principle to VPN and allows you to change the ip of your device. At its core, Tor is something like an anonymous virtual network. But it also has its drawbacks - an extremely low connection speed when compared with the regular Internet, so, for example, for work, the Tor browser will definitely not work either.

What's the best solution?

If you want to use VK both for personal purposes and for business, then a paid VPN service will be an excellent solution. Of course, you can use free options, but let's face it - it's not very safe. The point is, developers who create free VPN services don't get paid for their work. And you definitely cannot be sure that they are not selling user data to third parties. Therefore, it is advisable to buy such software from reputable developers.

Which VPN is the Best to Choose?

If you are now looking for the best VPN serviceWhich VPN is the Best to Choose? for yourself, then of course you can experiment with free options, or those that are already built into your browser, smartphone or laptop by default, but we can immediately advise you on a proven, powerful and good option. With the Netmap VPN service, you can easily use all those sites that you want, make purchases in online stores that are not available in your country, operate confidential data and not be afraid of leaks, connect to public Wi-Fi networks without any problems, without any risks. Netmap VPN is suitable for any device and any operating system, and subscriptions are affordable and affordable.