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Why is a free VPN dangerous?

Why are free VPNs so dangerous? What are the dangers of free VPN services? What exactly is a free VPN dangerous for? Is vpn safe to use? Is it safe to use free VPN services?

июль 29, 2020

VPN services have become popular in various countries after a number of cases of blocking sites, including those with pirated content. Of course, we are talking about blocking not only pirated content, but also some sites or news portals for political reasons in certain countries. By changing their IP to a foreign one, users get access to the desired resource and use it without any problems. But an anonymizer is needed not only to bypass locks, but also to preserve elementary privacy. For example, if you do not want the sites you visit to collect information about you and use it for your own purposes. Traffic encryption significantly improves security when using public Wi-Fi networks.

What are VPNs?

VPN abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Net, which means virtual private network. VPN allows you to change the IP of your device at any time, for example, to a foreign one. Thus, you can, for example, visit sites that are blocked in your country, use services, in particular streaming and music, that are still unavailable for you. Agree, it is rather unpleasant to pay for a paid subscription to an application that is useful to you, and then come to another country and realize that all this is no longer available to you. In general, VPN provides users with a huge number of options, including options to protect their data. For example, if you connect to public Wi-Fi, then there is a fairly high chance of becoming a victim of a hacker. So we are convinced that everyone needs VPN services one way or another.

Are VPN services secure?

It would seem that everything is very rosy and, in an amicable way, vpn is needed even for those who do not need to view sites blocked in the country, but at least for their own safety. But still, there is also a certain danger associated with such services. VPN services are a full-fledged it product that costs some money to develop. And it’s foolish to hope that the company that spent the money on creating the service will let you use it for free. How can a VPN developer make money? The most obvious answer is selling the information it has. They run all of your traffic through their own servers, so they know almost everything about you. That is, services can sell to third parties all the information that you are diligently trying to hide. By the way, passwords and logins are also theoretically available to a free anonymizer. Agree, this is not at all the effect you expected. By the way, this is recognized even by the super popular VPN services that collect information - albeit anonymously.

The consequences of this can be very different. Sometimes your data can be used something like cookies - for displaying ads, sometimes it can be about things much more unpleasant, in particular, about stealing passwords from bank accounts and losing money. In any case, it is better to be protected than not to be protected. And in this case, it makes sense to turn to paid VPN services that can give you at least some guarantees.

When you pay for a product, you are already generating income for the developer. Accordingly, he does not need to look for other ways to earn money. In addition, a good reputation is important to the owners of a paid VPN, so they will not "leak" data about their own customers and expose them to danger. Of course, the availability of payment does not add a 100% guarantee that you will not become a victim of scammers, so it is important to buy this kind of software exclusively from well-established developers.

Of course, free services also do not always want to take such a risk, but you are unlikely to find out real information about whether your data has become available to third parties. Or you will find out when it is too late and it will no longer be possible to secure the data.

What's the best VPN to use?

In any case, when choosing a VPN service, first of all, it is important to pay attention to its security, and only then to all other parameters. And that very security, as mentioned above, can be provided exclusively by paid services; because in the case of free, you can never be sure that the developers do not sell your data to third parties in order to “recapture” the cost of their work. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to how versatile the service is - that is, how efficiently it will work with different types of operating systems, as well as different types of devices. Custom services are also great: the more customizations you can customize, the better.

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