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Is it legal to use a VPN?

What can be done behind VPN and bypass blocking? Is it legal to use a VPN? Is it legal to use a VPN? In which countries is VPN free to use?

July 29, 2020

You can hardly find one person now who has never used a variety of VPN services. And the goals can be very different. For example, you live in a CIS country and want to use international music and streaming services. You regret to learn that this service is not available from your country. You can only use it by going online through the VPN server of the country in which it operates.

What are VPNs for?

VPN allows you to bypass geographic and legal restrictions. In some countries, internet censorship exists that restricts access to certain sites. You want to go to some resource, but in Ukraine it is blocked. You can open a site only by accessing the Internet through the VPN server of a country in which it is not blocked, that is, from almost anywhere except Ukraine.

VPN is a useful and necessary technology that copes well with a certain range of tasks. But the security of personal data still depends on the VPN service provider's integrity, common sense, attentiveness, and internet literacy.

VPN technologies are helping to achieve true anonymity without resorting to the TOR network, in which the connection loops through a wide network of repeaters, constantly changing the position of activities on the Internet so that no one can focus on them. VPNs don't use this protocol, but they do provide sufficient - and very important - protection as you travel on unregulated and intruder-laden roads.

What else can you use a VPN for?

Another good reason to use a VPN is the growing number of modern cafes that have as many laptops as cups of coffee. Any public Wi-Fi hotspot is a hacker's paradise. Therefore, if you like to work in coworking spaces or in a cafe, where a large number of people can simultaneously connect to the same Wi-Fi, then we highly recommend that you constantly use VPN in such situations. Yes, this can drain your device faster, but for the sake of safety, be patient. The same goes for smartphones. Your data security comes first!

Naturally, when it comes to the possibility of access to resources blocked at the state level, a reasonable question arises: is it legal, in principle, to use a VPN?

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Let's say right away: everything depends on the specific country. If we are talking about using a VPN in Ukraine, then we hasten to assure you that no one was involved in such a “crime” and this is unlikely to be possible in the near future.

But in general, before you install a VPN on any of your devices, it is very important to understand another important issue. Namely - is it legal to use a VPN and will a “letter of happiness” come to you, if something happens?

In particular, for example, if you live in Europe, then keep in mind that the use of torrents and downloading pirated content there is punishable by law. Therefore, if you use a VPN there for torrenting, or even in order to watch any media files online, then keep in mind that you can get a very significant penalty. Also, for example, it is undesirable to use a VPN in China, in the UAE, restrictions also exist in Iraq. In any case, if you are planning a trip to another country and you have a need for such technology, check its legality in advance.

What's the best VPN to use?

If you plan to use VPN for personal purposes, or for work, then we would advise you to pay special attention to paid services. The fact is that free ones very often sin by reselling user data to third parties. Sometimes anonymously, sometimes not: and it's up to you to decide how acceptable this approach is for you. In any case, if we are talking about a rather harmless collection of cookies in order to more accurately show ads to you, then it's okay. But there are cases of theft of passwords, including from bank accounts, as well as theft of other confidential information. To protect yourself from this, we would recommend that you use a paid VPN service.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable VPN, then Netmap VPN is an excellent solution for you. Maximum security, anonymity, excellent speed, simple settings, full compatibility with various types of devices and various operating systems, double encryption and a fairly budgetary subscription - Netmap VPN is perfect for both work and personal purposes, will ensure complete security of your data and will allow you to use the services and Internet sites that you want, and not those that the legislation of the country will provide for you.