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How to bypass site blocking on android

In this article, we will show you how to access blocked sites using various methods. Proxies, VPNs and other Android tricks that not all users know about will help you. Why is it impossible to enter some sites. How to bypass blocking on Android. Blocking

август 17, 2020

The smartphone is actively used not only as a means of communication, but also for viewing various sites. From time to time, resources can be blocked, so you need to figure out in advance how to solve this problem using the example of Android OS.

Blocking reasons

Most often, certain resources on the network become unavailable for the following reasons:

  • DDOS attack;
  • virus on a smartphone;
  • website blocking by official authorities.

When attacking viruses, most often it is enough just to wait until the owner of the resource independently solves the problem. In this case, a corresponding statement is posted on the main page of the site, and at the end of the work, the site is again available to users.

In the case of a virus on the smartphone itself, the worm can simply block the site's IP or replace it with an advertising banner. To do this, simply use one of the cleaning programs that will help you get rid of the harmful effects in just a few minutes.

But most often, users will not be able to use the resource due to its blocking by official bodies, most often due to inconsistencies with current censorship laws. Even in this case, the problem can be solved, you just need to know how to bypass the blocking.

Tips and tricks for bypassing site blocking

In the event that a prohibited resource provides data for review and does not require authorization, you can first use the Google translator. The system works very simply. Due to the fact that the transfer request is made through servers in the USA, the required resource receives a new ip, so it will not be blocked. Just copy the link to the desired site and paste it into the translator. Then just click on the link that appears in the window on the right. It is important that you use the full version of the search engine rather than the mobile one. Otherwise, the advice may not work.

The method is more complicated, but no less effective - using an intermediate proxy server. The solution is ideal for those who regularly access several blocked sites.

First, select one of the sites that work on the principle of an anonymizer. Several options are freely available at once. Just go to the anonymizer, enter the site you need to get acquainted with in the search bar and go. But, remember that this method may be somewhat slow, in general it all depends on the efficiency of the anonymizer itself, and media files are not loaded at all.

The optimal solution to the issue is to use a VPN. After installing the utility, you can continue to use all the features of your smartphone and go to any sites. VPN provides a choice of several different IP addresses from different countries, you just have to choose the option that is more preferable. In order not to limit yourself in the speed and number of addresses provided, it is recommended to use the paid versions.