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How to change ip address online - simple tips for users

The Internet has long become a common means of communication; we use it at work, at home and even in transport. However, very often there are restrictions due to the rules of the provider or individual corporate or public networks, and in this case it is

August 17, 2020

Each network-capable device has an IP address. This is a unique numeric code that allows you to locate the user. A unique code is assigned by the provider providing network access. In some cases, it becomes necessary to change the IP address. In fact, this operation does not take much time and everything can be done online in a few minutes.

Types of ip addresses and why it is worth changing


  • static ip address;
  • dynamic ip address.

The first is transmitted to the device and cannot change upon reboot or power-up. And the dynamic one can be modified in the process of connecting to the Internet. Therefore, in some cases, just restarting the router or computer is enough to resume access to the resource to which you have limited access. But, if the provider has imposed an official ban on the site, such a system will not work.

Additionally, changing the IP address is necessary in the following situations:

  • access to several sections of the site or the entire resource is blocked;
  • the need to perform various tasks from multiple accounts on one computer.

At the same time, we will not consider illegal activities, in which the hacker also needs to periodically change the address so that it is not detected by law enforcement agencies.

How to change IP address

The complexity of changing the address depends primarily on the importance of the task. In the event that you are interested in one blocked resource, you just need to change the address in the browser using special anonymizing extensions.

If necessary, you can additionally use specialized programs that provide access to several IP addresses. Such a system allows you to change several addresses on one device, changing them as needed.

In the event that you are using a dynamic IP, changing it is enough simply by disconnecting from the Internet and reconnecting. But, if you use a router to access the network, the IP will be tied to the MAC address of the router, so even multiple reconnections will not allow you to change the IP.

The next step is to connect to the proxy server. It acts as a link between sites on the Internet and users' devices. That is why when accessing a specific site through a proxy, the site sees the IP of the proxy server, and not the user's device. If necessary, you can use both paid servers and free versions with limited access.

As a universal solution for changing ip, use the TOR browser. It was specially created for anonymous access to the Internet, combining several proxy systems at once, which does not allow tracking user activities. But, such a system is characterized by increased energy consumption, therefore, it is not recommended for use on devices with a small supply of RAM and a weak processor.

If necessary, you can use one method or combine several with each other.