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Tips and tricks on how to change the IP address on the phone

Why change your IP address? Well, to begin with, if you found this article, then you already, most likely, have some kind of goal, for which you need to change your IP address.

август 18, 2020

Like any other device providing Internet access, a smartphone uses an IP address. This is a unique dotted numeric code that is required to identify a user on the network. But, in some cases, the user needs to hide his online presence. To do this, simply change the IP address of the smartphone. This is very easy to do, just listen to a few tips.

How to change IP address

Not all users want their activity to be monitored. Therefore, so that information is not transmitted, they decide to change their IP address. Despite the fact that the ip is dynamic and changes after each reconnection, in some situations it does not work.

The easiest and most reliable way is to use a VPN. Connecting to an anonymous server takes just a couple of minutes and opens up many possibilities. The service gives you the IP address of the virtual server, which is recognized as the address of the smartphone when it goes online, and your real address remains a secret. The best part is that you can freely visit any sites, even those that are blocked in the country. Using the paid version of the programs provides the ability to change the address as needed and a higher connection speed.

But even with the activation of free VPN applications, you can enjoy the full operation of any sites, view photos and videos, regardless of their size. Additionally, VPN allows you to download files via torrents, some applications are specially designed with this need in mind.

Efficiency and ease of use is ensured by the use of reliable protocols and an advanced encryption system. Many people prefer to use vpn due to the ability to bypass geographic blocking, when certain sites simply may not work in your country.

In the event that the speed of the Internet is not important to you, and you also do not use torrents, you can use proxy servers. This is the best option for users whose sites do not open due to the peculiarities of their geographic location. All you need to do is use a server that provides country-specific content. But, such a system stands out for its low connection speed. Additionally, a proxy, unlike vpn, does not encrypt user traffic, so user protection is low or completely absent. There is also a risk of blocking a particular proxy server on various sites, so it just needs to be changed.

Another option that is suitable for residents of a large city is public wireless hotspots. Each of them has its own ip address. But, it is not recommended to use such connections unnecessarily. Otherwise, your data may be intercepted by intruders. Also, this option will not help you get rid of geo-blocking.