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Where can I find a secure VPN?

How do I find a secure VPN? Where can I find a really secure VPN service? VPN security criteria: what are they? What should you look for when choosing a really secure VPN?

сентябрь 29, 2020

In our time, only those who do not use a computer and do not work on the network have not heard of total bans and blockings about VPN, it is hardly necessary to explain to anyone what it is.

It is VPN technologies that give you maximum security and privacy on the Internet. VPN technologies allow connections through an encrypted virtual network, which makes territorial blocking useless and provides, ideally, anonymity - the provider, like other possible observers, cannot track where you are "going", since a) you do it indirectly , and through third-party servers, and b) traffic is encrypted. We strongly recommend that you use VPN services not only for entertainment purposes, for example, to visit sites that are not available in your country, but also for security reasons. For example, when you make any payments on the Internet via public wi-fi. In this case, proper protection of your data is essential.

It would seem that finding a free VPN is not such a big problem. Anyone who enters into a search engine queries like free vpn server, free vpn for windows, unlimited vpn for pc, vpn free download or vpn free download in Russian is faced with a stream of offers exceeding all reasonable limits - free services really are, and they work, here just not always they can boast of what they promise. And yet, they can not always guarantee real safety.

VPN security criteria: what are they?

The first thing to look out for is the paid basis for using an app or other VPN service. Completely free and unlimited VPN without restrictions exists only in the world of utopia. Such a service, if it is completely free, will raise well-grounded suspicions of security and uncontrollability to anyone. Most free VPNs are classic cheese in a mousetrap. Limited traffic volume, extremely low speed and no choice of server locations. But the biggest danger is the potential sale of your data. And okay, if we are talking about selling, conditionally, information about your consumer behavior or the time you spend on certain sites - this information may be of interest, for example, to marketers. Worse, if your passwords are sold, or any other confidential information, the loss of which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

It is important to remember that developing and maintaining any VPN service is a time consuming, complex process. And obviously the developers won't do it for free. Therefore, the first criterion for the security of the VPN service used is the paid basis. Believe me, it's not worth risking your data, and even if the developers of a free VPN service assure you that this service is free, since the development pays off with advertising, don't believe it. There are also services in which the main functionality is free, but additional functions and "goodies" can be paid additionally. Such services, in principle, can also be taken into account.

High-quality and secure VPN: which one should you choose?

If you are looking for a really high quality and absolutely secure VPN service, then Netmap will be the best option for you. We have favorable and absolutely affordable tariffs, a VPN that is suitable for various types of devices and operating systems, the ability to connect multiple devices by subscription, an efficient and humane support service, absolute security and confidentiality that you can be sure of. We have both full-fledged VPN services and browser extensions, the ability to configure a VPN through a router, and much more. Online security and privacy is easy with us!