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Is there anonymity on the Internet?

Complete anonymity on the Internet: myth or reality? Is there anonymity on the Internet? How do I maintain anonymity and privacy on the Internet? How to use the Internet as safely as possible?

September 29, 2020

Anonymity on the Internet today is a subject of heated debate and discussion among network experts. Someone says that anonymity on the Internet does not exist at all and that with the proper software, you can find out anything and about anyone. Someone thinks that modern security measures may well provide that notorious anonymity. And this is what we would like to talk about in this article in a little more detail.

Is there anonymity on the Internet?

Let's just say: it all depends on how much you personally care about your own anonymity. To ensure maximum confidentiality of personal data and to weaken control over your personal life on the Internet (social networks, chats), you need to think about countering the identification of your computer on the network.

Of course, the degree of anonymity is everyone's personal choice. But of course, it is also very important to take certain measures to protect your own personal data. It is important to understand that the understanding of anonymity may differ from user to user. And working to ensure anonymity is important in several ways.

Speaking about anonymity, two concepts should be distinguished:

1. Social anonymity - this refers to the deliberate / unconscious dissemination of personal information by the user himself on the network. There is a question of exclusively your personal responsibility. We advise you to be very careful when posting any personal information on social networks and other resources.

2. Technical anonymity, when control over the storage and security of personal data is assigned to special technical means (programs and applications), while the leakage of personal data is minimized. To ensure technical anonymity on the Internet today there are quite a few different software products working in different directions.

Let's say right away that maintaining complete, absolute confidentiality on the network is perhaps impossible. You can only complicate the identification process. It's like with a door lock - the more complex the mechanism, the longer it takes to break it. And the more you use protective mechanisms, the more security, respectively, you provide for yourself and your data.

It should be understood that each computer (tablet, laptop, smartphone) has its own IP address, by which it is quite easy to identify the owner and view the history of his actions. And it makes sense to encrypt this data; at least when you use public wi-fi networks. But in all other cases it also does not hurt.

How can you ensure maximum security, privacy, and anonymity on the Internet?

Many people prefer to use a proxy or Tor browser, so as not to "shine" their data, passwords, and so on anywhere. Using dedicated VPNs is also a good option. They encrypt your IP and your location. Thus, you can, firstly, use those resources and sites that are not available in your country, and secondly, you can protect your data as much as possible. This is especially true for passwords, in particular - from payment systems. Example: you want to pay online by connecting to a public wi-fi. In this case, it is very important to use a VPN to avoid becoming a victim of scammers or hackers; since public wi-fi networks are hacked quite easily.

Which VPN can help you maximize your online security, anonymity, and privacy?

If you are looking for a truly high-quality software solution for maximum security and anonymity on the Internet, then Netmap products are for you. We have a fairly budgetary subscription, maximum VPN speed, complete security and privacy for you, as well as a large selection of software products for various operating systems and various devices!