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In which countries is VPN banned?

List of countries where VPN is prohibited. In which countries is VPN banned? What you need to know about using VPN services safely and legally? VPN prohibition: in which countries is it valid?

September 30, 2020

Probably there is no person in the world who has never used various VPN services. And surely you have at least once had questions about the legality of such software. And this is what we would like to talk about in this article in a little more detail.

VPN Services: What Are They?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that helps to increase your security when using the Internet, hides and encrypts your personal data, information from what and where you did on the Internet. Such services can be used both to access resources that are blocked in your country, and to simply protect your personal and confidential data.

Is it legal to use different VPN services?

The answer to the question of whether it is legal to use a VPN depends on which country you are in. But it is important to understand the main criterion of legality: using a VPN service itself may not violate the law, but using a VPN as a tool to break the law changes the whole thing.

That is why, when they talk about the legality of using VPN services, they often mention not only the actual operation of such software products, but also the reason for using it. Naturally, if a VPN is used to purchase, for example, illegal substances, then the matter will not be in the VPN. Also, in some countries, it is legally prohibited to watch or download media content that is available in a paid mode. Therefore, if you are in countries where copyright and intellectual property are not an empty phrase, then using torrents, even with the help of a VPN, is still not worth it, you will still be found and will have to pay according to the law.

It is because of these negative examples that VPN is often associated with something illegal. But here it is worth remembering all the positive aspects of using this service and the benefits that it brings not only to individuals, but also to entire organizations and even states. VPNs are used by government organizations and corporations to secure corporate information. And in some countries, using a VPN is really illegal; as a rule, we are talking about authoritarian states. And the penalty for using a VPN can vary from country to country; from unpleasant fines to very real prison sentences as, for example, in the DPRK. And, if you are planning to travel abroad, or are emigrating, then we strongly advise you to check the VPN legal status in the country where you are going.

In which specific countries are VPNs officially banned?

VPN use is officially prohibited in China (although there are most VPN clients in the world), in Turkey. in Iraq, in North Korea, the use of VPN is partially restricted in the United Arab Emirates, in Belarus, Oman, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, and VPNs are partially restricted in Russia. At least free services are not very reliable and at the same time, difficult to access. Therefore, if you are in Russia and you need a VPN, we recommend that you pay attention to the well-proven paid services - they are more reliable, and faster, and more secure.

Keep in mind that the list of countries in which VPN is prohibited is constantly changing, so it makes sense to periodically monitor for updated information.

High-quality and reliable VPN: which is the best to use?

If you are looking for a quality, reliable, legitimate VPN, then Netmap software products are for you. Our VPN can be used both for personal purposes and for work, we provide maximum security, privacy and anonymity. A paid, albeit budgetary, subscription will help you make sure that we treat your data with care and, of course, do not resell it to any third parties, as other, less conscientious developers often do. We have VPN software products for different types of devices and different operating systems, as well as browser extensions. Online security and privacy is easy with us!