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How to remove VPN blocking?

How is VPN blocked? VPN blocking features. How can you remove VPN blocking quickly and safely?

September 30, 2020

Using a VPN today is necessary not only to gain access to forbidden resources. In fact, VPN has an unfairly bad reputation, many people think that such software products can be used to buy illegal substances, for piracy and other illegal purposes. But this is absolutely not the case. More often than not, a VPN can really be used to achieve maximum anonymity on the Internet, for example, to protect your data and privacy. If you are connecting with a smartphone or laptop to a public wi-fi network, then using a VPN is a real must-have for you. But sometimes the VPN gets blocked. And in this article, we would like to talk in a little more detail about how to bypass such a block.

How to bypass VPN blocking at work?

Naturally, the need to avoid VPN blocking may not only appear at work. And, in fact, it is not too difficult to do it. Change your VPN port. If your network administrator has identified and closed the ports that VPNs use the most on your network, you can configure the VPN to use a lesser known port. Here are a few ports you can use: 2018, 41185, 443, and 80. Give it a try - chances are you will succeed. You can also try setting up a VPN through a router.

There is another option for removing VPN blocking. Use Tor as a Browser: Tor is a secure browser that masks your IP address. It allows users to anonymously access and share online content, and can be a powerful tool if you want to bypass VPN blocking. But in any case, you need to use the Tor browser very, very carefully. And for work, as a rule, it is not suitable, this is an option for personal purposes. Please note that the Tor browser is banned in some countries.

Tor transfers your data through its network of servers, which prevents network administrators from tracking your activity. Of course, the use of the Tor browser and VPN at the same time for work slows down the whole process somewhat, but you must admit, this is better than nothing.

In some cases, in order not to face VPN blocking, you should choose a really high-quality software product and, as a rule, free services are not one of those. Using the best VPN to bypass blocking is very important, and not every VPN can do the job. It's also important that the VPN you choose is configurable so that you can configure it to use different ports.

Also, in order to bypass the VPN blocking, it may be quite enough to switch to the IP address of another country. This can be done in the settings. And it's important that your VPN service gives you that ability.

A stable and working VPN: which one should you choose?

When we talk about bypassing VPN blocking, then most often we are talking about free services. But paid ones are noticeably more stable and of higher quality in general. In addition, it is paid VPNs that provide more security for your data. At least, because free services, in order to recoup the work of developers and make a profit, quite often sell your personal data (from your real name to passwords from payment systems) to third parties. And using them, of course, is very unsafe.

That is why we sincerely recommend Netmap software products to you. We have a large selection of different VPN options - for different devices and operating systems. Reliability, security, fair subscription prices, the ability to use both for personal purposes and for work - all this about VPN from Netmap!