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How to change VPN country?

Changing your IP address: how to change your country? How to change VPN country? How to change VPN country correctly? How can you select a specific country for a VPN?

сентябрь 30, 2020

Nowadays, you can hardly find at least one person who has never used a VPN in his life. VPN services provide many opportunities for maintaining privacy and anonymity on the Internet, and in general, it is difficult to imagine a job without a VPN, for example, as a web developer. So what exactly are VPN services and how does it all work?

What are VPN services?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a virtual private network that runs over the Internet and securely encrypts the data you transmit and allows you to hide your real IP address and change it to the IP address of another country.

Unlike an anonymizer and a proxy server, in which your IP address changes only while you are using the browser, and traffic is not encrypted, when using a VPN, not only does your IP address change to the address of the country you need, but all traffic is encrypted. for all applications that work with the Internet on your computer, not just the browser. VPNs are often associated with the Tor browser. But this is not entirely correct. The Tor network encrypts only traffic that goes through the Tor browser and then it will not be possible to download large amounts of data due to its low speed.

What exactly are VPN services?

The advantage of a VPN is a controlled change of IP, traffic encryption, user anonymity. There are not many disadvantages. Mainly, this is the risk of using an unverified service, which can be a tool in the hands of unknown people. To mitigate the risk, it is worth limiting the choice to services that have a large number of positive reviews on the Internet. And it is precisely the controlled change of IP that is the most important advantage of this kind of services. Thus, you can, for example, use services that are not available in the country where you are at the current time. And since we are talking about controlled IP change, we will answer the question of how to do it correctly.

How to change IP to IP of the country you are interested in?

As a rule, this can be done in the settings. The system offers you options itself: in some services, you can choose a continent (for example, European, Asian or American IP), or you can choose a very specific country. This is done literally in two clicks. If your VPN service does not provide you with this opportunity, then it makes sense to choose another service with more functionality. At the same time, complete anonymity of work on the Internet must be preserved.

Which VPN is the Best to Choose?

There are quite a few different VPN options in the software market today. Their functions are similar, the difference lies in the presence of one or another additional functionality. Also, VPNs can vary based on security parameters, speed. And, of course, the relationship with privacy. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous owners of such services make money by reselling personal data of system users. This concerns, first of all, free services, roughly speaking, they have nothing else to earn. This is why we strongly advise you to turn to a paid VPN service. They are more reliable and secure.

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