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How to properly route traffic through VPN?

How can traffic be routed over a VPN? How to properly route traffic through VPN? How to self-regulate traffic when using a VPN? VPN Routing: Key Features.

сентябрь 30, 2020

In this article, we would like to talk a little more about how to properly regulate traffic when using a VPN. And, for example, pass all traffic through the VPN. In fact, everything is simple. For this purpose, you can simply configure the VPN client on the gateway, if the router allows it. But such a decision is fraught with consequences in the form of a decrease in the speed of the Internet, an increased load on the router, in addition, some clients send all traffic through the main connection immediately if they disconnect from the VPN. And then we will tell you how you can simply avoid such a situation. Keep in mind that even the leading VPN providers cannot provide 100% uptime for their servers.

What do we want?

Our goals are as follows:

  • Pass all outgoing traffic through the VPN.
  • Do this as fast as possible.
  • Don't be affected by temporary VPN problems
  • Provide maximum anonymity on the Internet.

First of all, we need a powerful router capable of encrypting traffic at high speed. It will act as a VPN gateway. In this case, you should not save on a router.

If your ISP requires special connection settings, you can take two more routers and separate Internet access from the local network, and put a VPN gateway between them. Otherwise, you can directly connect the provider's wire to the VPN gateway, and place your home router with a local network behind it.

This guide assumes that the Internet is connected to the first port, your PC or home network to the second, and that you were able to access the Internet before setting up the VPN.

Next, you need to log in to the provider and configure pfSense. When using this method, it is important to configure multiple VPN clients in order to provide sufficient resources to route traffic. In this case, the VPN connection features depend on the specific service. Further, the route is added manually in the settings. Uncheck the box next to “use an internet gateway”.

The advantages of using several VPNs in this case are that we are not dependent on each of them, respectively, the work and traffic flow become more stable. In this case, we do not leave our traces anywhere on the Internet, and in general, using the Web becomes much safer.

How else can you control traffic while the VPN is running?

In addition, some VPN services offer the ability to control traffic without changing the settings of your Wi-Fi router. Naturally, this depends on the specific service, but as a rule, these parameters can be found in the service settings, or when downloading the appropriate browser extension.

What's the best VPN to use?

In fact, it is a high-quality VPN service with advanced functionality that will allow you to control traffic and pass it through the VPN, or vice versa, not through it; the way you want.

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