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How to choose a versatile VPN?

How to choose the most versatile VPN? VPN service that is optimally compatible with different devices: which is the best one? How to choose a versatile VPN? The best all-in-one VPNs.

September 30, 2020

The VPN market is becoming larger and more popular every year. There are many reasons for this: from hackers who hunt for confidential information to corporations and states that monitor user activity and restrict access to content. However, not all VPN services are created equal. This review will help you choose the best and reliable VPN for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or Linux that will make your online life richer and safer.

What can you use different VPN services for?

Recently, the number of reasons for using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been growing rapidly. Online privacy and anonymity. Governments are scrutinizing our online behavior, corporations are profiling users for targeted advertisements, copyright advocates are monitoring torrenting traffic, so VPN protection has become a natural solution. And even if this is not a matter of principle for you, a VPN, in any case, significantly increases your privacy and security. In addition, VPN protection is essential for security, such as payments. Making online payments can be very insecure if your device is connected to a public wi-fi network. But if you use a VPN at the same time, then the reliability of payment, at the same time, increases significantly.

VPNs are also used to bypass the blocking of social networks, websites and services, for example: to get access to geo-restricted content on the Netflix platform, YouTube service in China or Telegram in Russia, Vkontakte or in Ukraine. The technology works in such a way that by default it spoofs the user's IP address. You can also change your IP to the IP of a specific country. This allows you to virtually change your location and get to pages that are blocked on the territory of individual states. It also allows you to make purchases in online stores, which may also not be available in your country. By the way, keep in mind that in the territories of some countries, VPN may be blocked or prohibited.

What to look for when looking for a VPN service?

1. First, safety and reliability come first. You've probably heard that free VPN services can resell data about their users to third parties - at least because they have nothing to make more money on.

2. Speed ​​and quality of work. Typically, you will find this information in the software product description. Naturally, the faster the better. But keep in mind that absolutely any VPN slows down the work in one way or another.

3. Compatible with various types of devices, versatility. Most often, browser extensions have such properties, but other software options can also be quite universal. Compatibility with different operating systems should be indicated in the description of the software product.

VPN versatility: is it important?

In fact, adapted solutions are, of course, more successful. VPNs created for a particular operating system, or for a particular device, always work faster and better. But if you want to use VPN on different devices, for example, with a paid subscription, then it makes sense to look for a universal solution.

High-quality, reliable and versatile VPN: which is the best to use?

If you are looking for a quality VPN service, then we recommend that you turn to software products from Netmap. Our products are reliable, secure, and great for a variety of devices and different operating systems. The Netmap subscription is affordable, and the fact that one subscription can be used across multiple devices makes it even more beneficial. Netmap services allow you to select the country whose IP you plan to use, which makes the application even more versatile. Online security and privacy are easy with us!