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Disadvantages of free VPN

Buy a VPN or use a free analog? What is the danger of a free VPN? In this article, we will describe the pitfalls of using a free VPN.

September 26, 2017


    Security on the Internet has always been one of the most important requirements of users. Recently, this requirement was added to the need to freely visit various resources blocked by your provider. Many users neglect the security requirement, giving the advantage of surfing the Internet without limits, using a free VPN.

    Let's look at the shortcomings of a free VPN.


    The first and most important drawback is the low level of security. Free VPN-services create to attract a huge number of users, without thinking about the security of their service. Often, if not always, the traffic of users of these services is transmitted in clear form, making it available to everyone.

    It's not uncommon for free VPN providers to develop a personal and more secure, they said, applications to connect. In most cases, such applications use a non-encrypted http connection to the authorization server. This security hole allows you to intercept the keys and configuration files to decrypt all Internet traffic. Also, there are cases when distributed applications have been infected with viruses.

    Maintaining and storing all connection logs is also an inalienable fact of free VPNs. Than this is dangerous and fraught with no need for an explanation.

    By connecting to the VPN, you do not want to be noticed in its use. Using a free VPN can not be hidden, since such VPN services often do not hide the digital fingerprint, thereby impersonating themselves. Therefore, we recommend buying a Netmap VPN.

    Instability of work.

    It is also worth noting that Internet providers and government agencies are well aware of all the free VPN services. This allows them to limit the work of such services in the first place.

    Analyzing the work of a free VPN, your provider does not need to close certain ports and thereby paralyze the work of a free VPN provider. Administration of a free VPN is usually done last, so on a single provider, a free VPN can not work on the other, or there can not be anywhere to work. Therefore, if stability of your work is important to you, we recommend buying a VPN from us.

    Slow speed.

    Due to the huge number of people using VPN, VPN servers are very congested, so the speed of such a VPN will be extremely low and the connection will be permanently lost.

    In the 21st century, low speed VPN, this is an unaffordable luxury, the servers of the VPN service Netmap are connected to high-speed Internet channels, so large online servers are not a problem for us, you just need to buy a VPN and see for yourself.


    Any free VPN service is just a cover for a paid and perfectly working project. Therefore, you will always be shown paid VPN advertising. Perhaps even the use of VPN will be limited by time or traffic, motivating you to purchase a paid version of VPN, on which these restrictions will not be. We believe that advertising when using VPN is annoying, so we do not cooperate with advertisers in any way. We can help you buy a quality VPN without advertising.

    The conclusion suggests itself. It is better to spend a small amount of money on a quality VPN, than to use it for free once and for a long time to measure with the consequences of its wrong choice.

    It is worth noting that by purchasing any VPN tariff from the Netmap provider, you can be sure of your security and anonymity, as well as unhindered to visit any resources blocked by your provider.