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How to bypass YouTube blocking

How to bypass YouTube regional blocking. In this article, we will show you how to view YouTube videos that are blocked in the country you are in. To bypass regional blocking, use a proxy server or VPN

November 19, 2020

There are many useful, entertaining and educational videos on YouTube. You can learn new skills, watch interesting programs, or simply enjoy movies or music videos. But sometimes it happens that when you click on the video, a message pops up that the video is not available for viewing for various reasons. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remove this block, no matter where you are.

But you also need to keep in mind the connection speed, as well as the privacy of viewing content on the network. If the service you are using to bypass the blocking is too slow, the video you are watching will often freeze to fill the buffer. In this case, watching videos can be even more annoying to you, compared to simply blocking.

Lock types

1. Youtube block by decision of a court of a particular country.

2. "The user who uploaded the video has banned your country from viewing it."

3. Age restrictions "This video may not be acceptable to certain users."

4. Blocks of Youtube Premium service.

5. Channel or video blocks for violation of the rules of use.

How to remove blocking from video?

You need to go to the computer version of YouTube and find any blocked video. Next, you need to log into your Google account and click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you need to scroll through the menu to the end and click on the "Country" section. And there, instead of Ukraine, choose any other state and return to the page with the video. Everything is done - the video is available for viewing.

You can send a link to a video with a changed country to yourself or to someone else, and it will easily be included in YouTube on your phone or tablet without changing the country.

You can also select a location in the application. Click on any country and all videos that are blocked with us will be available for viewing.

Although YouTube is the second most popular website on the web, there have already been cases of its blocking due to the fact that extremist materials have surfaced in certain videos. Yes, the site was in the block for only one day, but it is possible that there will still be similar restrictions, and no one knows when YouTube will be blocked. Moreover, in some states, access to YouTube has been permanently blocked for a long time.

If this portal is in your block, you can enter to view it through VPN or the TOR browser. When logging in from the Torah, there may be problems with the Internet speed, the network may become slower, therefore the most important and correct way to bypass it is VPN.

The main condition for watching YouTube is the absence of traffic restrictions and a high-speed connection. These features are available for absolutely all paid, as well as some free VPN services.

What to do if YouTube video is blocked in one country?

These block options are the easiest to bypass. You just need to change your IP to the country where you are allowed to watch this video. With all this, there is no need to even leave your own profile. You can change the IP address like this:

  • Using proxy or VPN services for the browser (Hola, Free VPN, NetMap, etc.).
  • By connecting to a proxy server.
  • By applying onion routing and the TOR browser.
  • Using a VPN client.

To be able to view videos that are blocked on YouTube, you can choose absolutely any of the options presented. A high connection speed should make it possible to watch videos in high definition.

Age restrictions

YouTube automatically highlights certain videos that contain foul language, frankness, or violent scenes, like adult videos. These videos can only be watched by registered users whose profile shows the date of birth.

Youtube Premium Service Blocks

If you have blocked this service, you can unblock it by simply connecting to a VPN with an American IP. You can use both paid services and free ones.

Access YouTube using a free VPN is one of the best services that perfectly encrypts traffic and guarantees security to the user. Provides free access. Works on all devices.

VPN services provide a money-back guarantee within 1-4 weeks. If you don't like something in the paid version, you can submit a request and get your money back.

Blocking for violation of the terms of use

The YouTube administration takes copyright protection seriously, therefore, it completely removes or simply blocks videos when it receives complaints from copyright holders.

If you receive a warning that the video is inaccessible or blocked due to violations of the rights of use, then it is not possible to bypass these blocks.

YouTube completely and irrevocably blocks videos that violate the terms of use. And also if the videos contain explicit, pornographic scenes, extremist or forbidden moments.