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How to bypass blocked sites blocking

Initially, it was assumed that the Internet is a global network that connects the whole world. However, in reality, many web resources can be blocked in certain regions according to legislative initiatives. What should you do if you still need to access a

November 20, 2020

It's no secret that some states restrict access to resources that they consider a threat to their country and its citizens. For example, in many countries the Russian social networks Yandex, VK, Odnoklassniki, Mail are blocked.

Due to such sanctions, people cannot directly use these sites and social networks. But do not despair, because the situation is not categorical. The block of these sites can be easily bypassed even by users with no experience.

Is it true that locks can be bypassed?

Yes, you can cheat the system, and the Internet service provider will not even know that you are on a closed portal or communicate on a prohibited social network. For this, some intermediaries come to the rescue: with their help, various encrypted communication channels are created, which are connected with foreign servers. Thanks to this, your internet traffic is redirected to these servers, and sites that are blocked in Ukraine work.

Yandex browser to access blocked sites

One of the easiest ways to bypass blocks is to install a Yandex browser. All Russian sites, including those blocked, will work.

Opera browser

You can use Opera due to the fact that this browser has a built-in ability to enable VPN. This VPN automatically changes your location to another.

A user with VPN receives a protected channel with encryption of all data that is transmitted. Thus, if you are in Ukraine and turn on VPN, as a result, your IP will change and sites will recognize you as a user from another country (Germany, Italy, etc.).

To enable VPN in the Opera browser, you need to go to the settings, click on the "Security" button, check the box where there is an item to enable VPN. Thus, the move of your IP to a country where prohibited sites are open for use will turn on. A VPN button will appear near the site address bar, where you can adjust the activation and deactivation of this function.

How to view blocked sites on Google Chrome?

You can install a variety of special extensions for your browser, which can open access using VPN. For example, if you are used to surfing the Internet through the Chrome browser, then you need to go to the directory of available extensions using the settings button. This button is at the top, right. Next, click "Additional Tools", then - "Extensions". Select the "More extensions" item to be redirected to the online market. Next, in the window that appears, write VPN and confirm the search. The catalog will display free programs with which you can bypass the blocking of prohibited sites.

Install whichever extension you like.

For example, you can install the Netmap service. In this application, you need to register using an email address. The program provides free trial access to sites that have been blocked. Thus, you can easily visit all sites and social networks prohibited in Ukraine.

You can choose any other extension in the market. Many programs don't even need to register. How to view blocked sites in Mozilla Firefox and other browsers?

In much the same way as in Google, you can use extensions for other browsers - VPN services. Using VPN, you will have access to all the resources that were blocked - VK, Yandex, Odnoklassniki, as well as other sites.

About TOR browser

This program can connect to an anonymous virtual network in which traffic is encrypted. Here you will receive complete confidentiality. This browser has many different settings. Each request is transmitted in encrypted form from one browser user to others a certain number of times, and only then is sent to its destination. Then the answer is returned in the same way to you. No one, except the first user and the recipient, will be in the know and will not be able to know exactly where the request went and what exactly was asked.

It should be noted that TOP is the most well-known browser that is used by Internet users in order to maintain complete confidentiality and gain access to all sites that are prohibited. This program is very famous in many Islamic countries, where a lot is prohibited. Installing TOP is very easy, just like other browsers. In any search browser, prescribe "Install TOR browser", then download it. You need to activate the program and make the required settings. And then you can easily use this browser in order to visit sites prohibited in our country.

Proxy servers

Also, a good option is proxies, with which you can bypass almost all blockages by accessing the Internet using a remote server. On the Internet, you can easily find proxies that are free. However, no one is responsible for their stable work. There are also paid proxies with various tariffs and technical support. The advantage of using a proxy over VPN is that you don't have to install any additional programs on your PC.

How to bypass site blocking on smartphones and tablets?

The easiest way to access prohibited sites is via a phone or tablet using the traffic saving mode in mobile browsers. You can also install any VPN application for the phone, as is done on computers and laptops.