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How to bypass site blocking using Yandex.browser

In this article I will talk about bypassing the blocking of sites using Yandex Browser and the Turbo function, since it is easy to download it for free immediately with the necessary add-ons. As an example, we will go to a popular service blocked in the C

November 20, 2020

In this article, we will consider options for blocking sites using the Yandex browser and the Turbo function. Briefly about the known methods of bypassing blocking sites on the Internet.

Installing various browser extensions. You can install such plugins directly from the Yandex directory. They are easy to use - just a couple of mouse clicks make it easy to trick the system into thinking that you came to the site through Britain, the United States or the Netherlands, for example. The option to change the IP address often works for many well-known sites. The disadvantages of this method of bypassing the blocking are that the transmitted traffic is not encrypted; some portals will still be able to check your real IP.

VPN and proxy servers

Such services maintain confidentiality. However, it is necessary to know the internet well in order to find proxy servers that are free. In the VPN version, even free programs need more customization than browser extensions.

VPN Browsec

This application is almost the easiest to use. Its advantages are - ease of use, the presence of a button for quick access, which makes it possible to hide the IP and restore it with one click. All traffic is encrypted, so user security is improved, which is a great advantage.


This is a well-known extension for the Yandex browser, which makes it possible to log into almost every prohibited site. Among the advantages of using such a service, one can single out the ability to configure a personal proxy, data confidentiality at the entrance, and simplicity of functionality.

Since the add-on is completely free, the creators have added ads to the menu, which can easily be turned off in the settings. By the way, FreeGate connects automatically as soon as you enter a site that is prohibited. The main thing is that it is in the application database.


Great extension that is easy to use. It makes it possible to bypass site blocking. Among the advantages of the service, one can define the fact that the add-on is launched automatically when the user enters a site that is prohibited. To become a user of the add-on, you must first register in the system, and then states will become available for changing the IP address. The program does its job perfectly - it encrypts traffic and changes the IP address. Certain settings can be changed if needed.

Using TOR browser

If you correctly configure the browser, this will give the user a high level of privacy, unlike all other options for bypassing blocked sites. This browser uses a special mechanism to encrypt traffic and hide your real IP. Of the minuses, you can determine that you need an additional download of this browser and the production of its settings, as well as knowledge of the English language at least at the initial level and the ability to own the Internet.

How to bypass the ban on entering blocked sites using the special Turbo function in the Yandex.

This is the fastest option, with which you can bypass the blocking of sites by activating the Turbo function.

Initially, the Turbo function was developed as an option with which you can load pages faster with a bad Internet. Thus, the page is compressed directly on the Yandex server, all massive images, ads and other unnecessary things are collapsed, after which the page is loaded. And the fact that with this function it is possible to bypass the blocking of sites that are prohibited, providers consider a side effect.

Extensions and programs to bypass blocking can give users a chance to browse websites, but at the same time slow down the connection speed.