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How to bypass Facebook blocking?

5 Ways to Log in to Facebook if Blocked at School, University or Work. The most popular and arguably the best way to access blocked sites like Facebook is through a virtual private network (VPN).

November 20, 2020

Do not be upset if access to Facebook is blocked for some reason. There are many ways to get around this blocking.

Using VPN

The most popular and, probably, the most convenient option for accessing sites that are in the block is VPN. With these services, you can easily change your location. The service changes your IP address and allows you to view sites that are prohibited in Ukraine.

VPN service with free trial

Netmap is a reliable service, fast traffic and quality work. Free servers are available for apps and extensions. If you need to connect to multiple countries, you can buy a VPN subscription. It is also possible to purchase a dedicated IP.

Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot from your phone

If you have traffic on your smartphone, you can connect to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and view information on Facebook without any restrictions. To do this, you must first disconnect from the wired Internet on your PC, and then select your mobile point created in advance as a connection.

Now you can enjoy free access to Facebook.

Open DNS

Roughly speaking, the site URL is exactly the same identifier as the IP address. In order to access a site via Url, your Internet-facing device first deals with a DNS server to map the URL to the IP address.

This DNS server checks the data of the site you want to go to and returns the IP address directly. And so it turns out, in order to block your computer access to the site, you first need to block the IP address on the DNS server.

And in order to bypass such a block, you just need to reconnect your computer through another DNS server, where there is no ban on logging into Facebook.

OpenDNS is a completely free DNS server that is popular all over the world. In its huge database there are many IPs that correspond to the URLs of almost all the most famous Internet portals. To start using OpenDNS, you just need to go to the server page, go through a quick registration and create a profile for yourself for free. To get started, you need to add a network or find it in the settings.

At the moment when the service detects your IP, you need to click on the "Add" button. If you fail to connect, then check your IP address in the connection speed test program. Determine the level of filtering, and then add the domain that you want to unblock. With the help of such simple actions, you can open yourself access to Facebook.

Find a site by IP address

If you have a ban on entering Facebook by domain, then you can easily enter the site at the ip address without specifying the url. You just need to enter the Facebook ip in a search engine and go to the site. This method is quite simple, but you need to act on the points.

To find out what is the IP address of the social network Facebook, you just need to open the command line on your personal computer. To do this, you need to write "command line" in the OS search line. Next, you need to register the following command in the window that opens: “ping -t”. As a result, the IP of this site will appear before your eyes.

And in order to get to the site, you just need to transfer this IP to the browser search bar and press enter.

Proxy for entering Facebook

Choosing a proxy server in order to get to a blocked site is an excellent solution. There are a lot of paid and free services with proxies on the Internet so that you can bypass bans. But it is worth remembering that you need to be careful with proxies, as individual servers can install viruses or steal your data. Use only known sites that provide proxies.