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How to bypass Yandex blocking in Ukraine

How to unblock Yandex and get access to its services in Ukraine. You can use a secure VPN channel to access blocked sites. There are several ways to connect via VPN.

November 20, 2020

For quite a long time Ukraine has been one of those countries where free access to Internet resources is limited. In the rating of states with a free Internet, our country stood a bar higher than the Russian Federation, but now the situation has changed. The list of sanctions consists of almost 500 lines, and the main ban is Yandex. In this article, we will figure out what you can find ways to bypass blocking in order to safely use your favorite browser.

It's pretty simple, by the way. According to the decree of the President of our country, providers are required to put a block on user access to the IP addresses of sites that are included in the list of sanctions. Here is the answer to how to open access to Russian sites - you can change your IP!


For example, you can turn on Turbo mode in Opera. Thanks to this, you will open yourself the entrance to all services.

You can also download the FreeU browser to your computer. It will provide an opportunity to enter Russian sites. This is the browser that Mail.Ru Group created just in order to solve the blocking problem in Ukraine.

Using browsers to bypass Yandex blocking has its advantages and disadvantages.


1. You can use it for free.

2. This decision is very fast. It only takes a few clicks to install the browser on your computer.

3. It's very simple. You don't have to be some kind of programmer to bypass the blocking system in this way.

Browser extensions

If you like using other browsers, you can download various extensions for them, which, working on the VPN principle, will help you bypass Yandex's blocking.

The advantages of this method:

  • quick access, convenient use and clear functionality;
  • ability to work on all platforms, the main thing is to have a browser.

Disadvantages of blocking bypass extensions:

  • it is necessary to frequently update the extension when the browser or service is updated;
  • different browsers need different extensions.

Proxy server

Such a server is an intermediary between you and other sites that you want to visit. After you contact the proxy server, you will be asked for information about the site that is blocked, and the server will transmit this information to your computer from itself.


1. A properly configured proxy improves the security of your computer, as it blocks sites that distribute virus software.

2. He can also check all content for viruses before downloading files.


1. The use of a proxy server implies the use of an intermediary server, then the human factor comes into play - the one who owns this server can merge your data to others.

2 Proxies should always be configured with your own hands, in each individual case (for example, mail, browser, other programs). And some programs may simply not support proxies.

3. HTTP does not encrypt. Even more, many proxies send your IP to the target site, so proxy servers cannot be used by those who are worried about their anonymity.

VPN services

VPN is a virtual private network. This is a technological solution that provides a secure, hidden from external factors communication. It is provided over the public one if you have Internet access.


This is a safe solution. Many services encrypt user data according to military standards. This is a global solution. Using VPN programs, you can provide yourself with access to the resources of all world states. Thus, a high-quality service will not only be able to return access to Yandex, but will also allow you to enjoy watching Netflix.

With the help of reliable VPNs, you can spend time on any social networks, carry out actions with torrents, watch movies online and broadcast. You can simply forget that you are using any additional programs to access all these actions.


Often this is paid. You have to pay for the services that VPN services provide. That's about $ 5-10 monthly. Yes, many services also have free versions, but you need to understand that the functions in such versions are limited, as well as the speed with which the connection will be made. To install and connect the service, in some cases you need to know some technical points. Not every VPN service has a Russian-language version, but here you can use the built-in translator to understand everything.

TOP VPN service - Netmap.

We can say that each of the listed options helps to bypass the blocking, but data is encrypted only with the help of VPN services. VPN will quickly help you solve the necessary issues with access to Yandex and protect your data. They are simple and convenient. The above services do an excellent job with blocking, which was introduced in Ukraine and will help you quickly access the necessary sites.