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Rating of free apps for Android and iOS

Reviewing interesting applications for the two most popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS. We will tell you about the programs we liked, the fresh versions of which were released recently. Traditionally, you can find official ratings and collections

November 21, 2020

Telephones are now the foundation of human life. However, specifically downloading certain applications has made using smartphones more interesting by adding more options. With the help of smartphones, we watch our favorite TV series or just short videos about animals, play games, and also use smartphones in order to record cool moments from our lives and leave them on social networks.


This application was created by Chinese developers for viewing and shooting short and interesting videos, using a huge arsenal of functions: changing the speed of the video, using additional audio tracks, applying various effects. Based on the reviews for the application, we can conclude that it is very interesting, however, users complain about a huge stream of annoying ads.


The application allows users to exchange files of various formats, from simple photos and pictures to heavy files. This service is good because it transfers data quickly and does not have restrictions on the size of the transferred files. If the file is too large, the information will be transferred slower. Moreover, you can download multiple files at the same time. Service users note its speed when transferring files, a simple interface, and the ability to download a wide variety of file formats. Among the shortcomings in the application reviews, you can find a large amount of advertising.


This program was created as a messenger, where you can not only send messages, but also send photos and videos, which can be viewed in a short time. Also in the application you can use a variety of masks and effects, colorful filters. Sometimes users complain about not entirely clear use of settings, but basically the application pleases consumers.

PicsArt photos and videos

This application was created for editing photos and video files, while using an extensive arsenal of possibilities. In the application, you can use effects, filters, paint brushes. It is also possible to independently create effects, use stickers and make collages from photos. The program is very widely known among network users, problems are extremely rare, you can use many free functions. Disadvantages include a large number of ads and paid filters, which are only available in the paid version.


A service for creating and viewing short and funny videos, the creation of which uses simple and understandable settings, a wide variety of functions and interesting special effects. The program is very popular and attracts a huge number of users, very similar to the TikTok application described above. Complaints come about content created by small users, an incomprehensible rating and a large stream of advertising.

A platform for making and viewing short original videos, clips using simple settings that have a fairly serious selection of functions and special effects. The application itself is very functional and interesting, very similar to the previously described TikTok, with a good rating. The main comments from users on a large group of unsatisfactory content from young users, uncertainty in the formation of ratings, advertising.

Imo video calls

The service is a messenger where you can send messages, as well as communicate by video and telephone. Free dialogues and video calls will be available in the application, the program is available on various operating systems. In the application, you can send photos, videos and other files that weigh no more than 10 GB. You can also organize a group call in the program by inviting up to twenty people to a video conference. Sometimes there are disruptions in work, as well as annoying advertising.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Speaking of video conferencing programs, one cannot fail to mention this application, which is rapidly gaining popularity during the period of quarantine and removal. This application hosts workshops, university lectures, school lessons and just conversations with friends. The service allows not only showing a person sitting in front of the camera, but also switching to the view of his screen. You can also exchange messages and files. The free session lasts up to forty minutes. Reviews say that the picture transmission quality is simply excellent, but sometimes there are problems with the sound transmission.


By using a high-quality VPN service for the Android operating system, you can save yourself from ads that operate in certain regions of our planet, you can also easily use free Wi-Fi points without leaving your real IP address in the public domain. The main task of such services is to encrypt data for complete privacy on the network.

  • Free VPN access through the app on your gadget.
  • Making a single paid subscription allows you to connect VPN for 3 devices.
  • You can create your own DoubleVPN chains with your own hands.
  • Absolutely no record of your traffic data.
  • DNS servers with encrypted requests.
  • Any requests are transmitted in encrypted form.
  • Free access to P2P, VoIP and torrent.
  • Clear, huge functionality.
  • Communication, calls and video calls are not interrupted. Also, applications do not freeze.


OperaSoftware is the very first browser maker to find an already installed VPN. At first, VPN was only in browsers on personal computers, however, now they have released a mobile program for smartphones and tablets - OperaVPN, which is downloaded not together with the browser, but separately. This is the main difference between the program and similar applications.