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Best Useful Apps for Apple iPhone

Rating of the best apps for Apple iPhone according to experts and user reviews. Rating nominations: Best Useful and Best Entertainment Apps for Apple Iphone.

ноябрь 23, 2020

"Apple" devices are already a work of art, no doubt. This is especially true of the iPhone, the fame of which is no longer new to anyone. But you should still pay tribute to the content, since without installing additional extensions and applications, even the coolest smartphone is just a handset for calls. But this is not a problem, because the store is teeming with a variety of interesting applications that will make life much easier and entertain. Consider the TOP of the most interesting applications for Apple.


This is a navigator application, with the help of which it is really not easy to find the right road, but also to find out information about the current state of traffic jams, road repairs, new and old road signs. If you join the driver community, you can improve the app and work with other road users.

Find My iPhone

A great application that is suitable for absent-minded and inattentive people. This extension is engaged in tracking your phone, so it can easily show the location if the device is lost or forgotten, stolen. Find My iPhone not only shows the location signal on the map, but also gives an alarm when it finds the gadget.


One of the most famous instant messengers. Yes, the design of the application is not so colorful, but this does not in any way affect the popularity of the application, especially in other countries. The application interface is similar to regular messages, but unlike SMS, in order to communicate in WhatsApp, you just need to connect to the Internet.


This application is considered the first cloud service. Back in 2009, with his help, you could have access to your documents, regardless of the device in which they were. This program allows you to send videos, photos, work with files and presentations. This is quite convenient if you are on business trips or traveling.


The app appeared for iPhones in 2009 as the first legal service that can download music from the web to a smartphone. With the application, you can listen to music offline.


Each of us has ever heard such a beautiful song that we would immediately want to set ourselves. But then you realized that neither the artist nor the name of the music was known. Shazam helps to solve the problem of finding such music and can recognize almost any composition by the melody. This application also automatically offers to hear new tracks.


Kindle is a pocket book that is always with you. In the application, it is possible to load both e-books and audio versions. Kindle offers over 850 thousand original compositions. You can also highlight those paragraphs or phrases that you like, read in the dark with the help of specials. highlight, look for the interpretation of incomprehensible words.


With the help of this application, you can not only mark the location, but also find out where your friends or relatives were or are at the moment. Also in this application there are many reviews and information about many different public places - from libraries to discos.

Fantastical 2

The application makes it easy to understand future activities and assignments. This is, so to speak, a pocket calendar that can be undocked and moved anywhere on the work screen. If you return the window to the starting point, the application will again attach to the icon on the toolbar.


A free VPN-application with which you can log into social networks that are prohibited in Ukraine - VK, Odnoklassniki, etc. - no problem now. The application changes your IP address to American, German and so on. You don't have to worry about the security and confidentiality of data, Netmap is reliable and protects its users from information leakage.

These are applications that will be useful to every iPhone user to make their life easier - you no longer need to worry about blocking sites, forgetting something, you can download music and schedule tasks without any problems.