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TOP programs for computers

We have collected 15 useful programs and utilities that will be useful to any Windows 10 user, because they can significantly expand the capabilities of the system

November 24, 2020

When downloading software to your PC, or installing new programs on your device, you download only those applications that you like. There are such programs that are known to everyone and everyone and are installed first. We open for you a list of programs that need to be installed on your personal computer.


Recently, this program has become the most famous and favorite messenger of many users in the CIS countries. This wonderful service is convenient for both business and individual purposes. You can send messages and call your friends and colleagues using this application, however, if video communication plays a significant role for you - additionally install Zoom.


An application for processing and editing photos, which is used by many people, in particular - designers and those who are engaged in photography. However, the service will also be very useful for an ordinary person. If you don't need fancy Photoshop or other cool programs, then this application is enough for you. You can always crop a photo, make color correction and so on with the help of GIMP.


When working with a personal computer, a variety of garbage will always be collected in its memory, which is why the device starts to work incorrectly. The CCleaner service will allow you to clean up the device's RAM, freeing up space by cleaning the hard drive. The program removes unnecessary files, cleans cache and removes clutter. It won't take you long to install CCleaner.


A program without paid content with a simple interface, which is useful for downloading music, videos and other files from the VKontakte social network.


This service deals with working with archives. The functions of the program include recovery of damaged files, unpacking archives and working with encrypted documents and files. Also you can create an archive with a huge number of files.


Cool program that is necessary to clean and speed up your PC. It has such functions as cleaning hard drives, deleting temporary files, speeding up your computer. The program also restores deleted files, removes unnecessary applications, and not just a shortcut, has an autorun manager and much more.


It is a reliable VPN for the Android operating system that completely protects you from regional ads and allows you to encrypt your data online.

Adobe flash player

This tool is required to play a variety of Flash files in both browsers and different operating systems.


This program is a free virus scanner based on Dr.Web anti-virus. With this application you can protect your own PC from viruses without downloading the antivirus itself. The antivirus scanner has the latest updates.


Software for creating iso, mds, mdf and mdx images from CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs with compression and password protection. It has a variety of protection systems.


This multifunctional program created by MSI is essential for overclocking NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. This service will allow you to adjust the GPU and video memory voltage, adjust the rotational speed of the fan blades, and even view the state of the graphics card in real time, monitor its temperature, voltage, and others.


A service known to many, the name of which speaks for itself, since this program is the coolest download wizard. The program is a tool that has all the necessary functionality not only for downloading files, but also for increasing their download speed. You can easily manage installed files, delete them or move them to other folders, and organize files into categories based on their file type.

KMPlayer / KMPPlus

A Korean program that is a cool media center. The functionality of the program is so extensive that it is impossible to quickly describe and list all the features of the service.

Opera 72

An updated version of the good old browser from Norway, which has everything you need to ensure that its work on the Internet is of high quality and most importantly - safe.


A popular platform for creating and conducting video conferencing, where you can also use a regular chat.