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Dear Clients. In connection with the website update, it was decided not to use the anonymizer service as it did not work correctly. It is not right to use an incorrectly working service on a new perfectly working website. At the moment, the anonymizer is under development. However, this does not mean that we cannot offer you anything in return..

A great alternative is a free VPN. As you know, before, free VPN for Android, VPN for iPhone and VPN for MacOS was available in applications, and it remains so now. During the development of the new site, it was decided to supplement this list with browsers. It was implemented VPN extension for Chrome and FireFox. They also have free servers available. This is very convenient, since VPN is now available in your browser, and you do not need to install separate applications.

The number of free servers is limited, so if you need more servers, full functionality and use of all protocols, you can buy VPN. You will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable server for you in order to achieve maximum speed and hide your IP address on the Internet. This can be done using the Netmap VPN Server Locations page.

Thank you for your understanding, we are working for you.